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Horizon2020 Program

European Union (EU) Framework Programmes are multi-year and multi-national programs aimed at the production of scientific knowledge worldwide in Europe. It aims to create university-industry partnerships and to develop the overall research capacity of   European Research Area (ERA) in science and technology and to ensure sustainable financial development of Europe through creating collaborative partnerships between EU member countries and candidate countries and other countries with which EU has entered into partnerships.

The eighth of these programs is Horizon2020 Program, which runs from 2014-2020. Carried out with a budget of 80-billion- Euro, the program is carried out in 3 vertical areas under the headings “Scientific Excellence”, “Industrial Leadership” and “Social Problems” and in 2 horizontal areas in “Dissemination of Excellence” and “Science with and for Society”.

As the main objective of the European Commission, The Fight Against Climate Change and Sustainable Development are expected to be almost entirely associated with projects supported in all areas under Horizon2020 Program. You can find detailed information here.

For information on the application and evaluation processes of the Horizon2020 program, click here.