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International Exchange Programs

With its international exchange programs, Global Talent Management Center provides BILGI students with the opportunity of experiencing different languages, cultures, and academic environments, and also offers them a wider perspective on life. We have listed the international opportunities you can take advantage of throughout the entire learning process below.

Prep Abroad

Overseas experience starts with the English Preparatory period at BILGI. English Preparatory Program students can complete the entire program or some portion of it in different university campuses that we have an agreement with in 17 states of the USA. You can view the link to see the related universities;


Erasmus+ Study Mobility

BILGI has more than 600 Erasmus Student Exchange Agreements with the leading universities of Europe in the scope of Erasmus+ Study Mobility program since 2004. Erasmus+ Study Mobility allows you to experience Europe in the field of higher education with a provided grant.

For detailed information:

Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Program

Within the scope of Erasmus+ Internship Mobility, you can gain international work experience in the department you are studying in European countries. Erasmus+ Internship Mobility enables students to benefit from an internship abroad opportunity with a duration of minimum two and maximum twelve months with a provided grant.

For international internship opportunities, you can check the link below.

Bilateral Exchange Program

Bilateral Exchange Program intends to bring the international higher education experience to an intercontinental level, which makes many countries accessible such as the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea and Russia.

You can check the link below for partner universities.

Summer/Winter programs

The international summer/winter schools, which take place during the semester holidays and the summer period, are academic-oriented programs that support the international learning experience with social and cultural activities. The summer/winter schools program application requirements vary each year. You can contact with for details.

You can check or contact us through the given e-mail addresses below for the International Exchange Programs listed above.

International Student Advising Office

The International Student Advising Office provides consulting services for more than 1500 students from 100 countries for residence permit applications, health insurance, academic and administrative processes and many other issues that may arise during their education life in BİLGİ to strengthen our concept of internationalization.

The unit aims to assist international students in having a qualified study period at BİLGİ, completing their education process with satisfaction and commitment, and returning to their home countries with as willing cultural ambassadors.

Every year they organise various events, such as; "BİLGİ International Student Photo Contest", "BİLGİ Talent Showcase", and many other events in collaboration with our international clubs in order to help international students express themselves, improve their skills and become engaged within the university environment.

International Student Advising Office Website