Job Postings

Click to apply for hundreds of job postings in BİLGİ Talent portal. Make sure to upload your CV before you apply for the postings.

Do you know that you can have your dream job/internship through BİLGİ Talent portal? In order to reach full-time and part-time postings, log into BİLGİ Talent portal with your SIS student/alumnus information and review the active postings by clicking on the postings placed on the left menu. You can examine the details of the postings that are of interest to you. You can make your application by clicking on Apply/Başvur button on the right corner. Fill out your profile to make an application and make sure to upload your CV to BİLGİ Talent. Once you upload your CV, you can apply to job postings. Click to upload your CV: BİLGİ Talent > My Files > Add File 

After clicking on Apply button, you can choose which CV you would like to use and write a note that will accompany your application.

You can add your CV to CV Book so that employers can call you.

Click on Dosyalarım/Files > CV Kataloğu/CV Book and choose your current CV and click on ADD CV button. Your CV will then be added to CV Book. Employers can view your CV even if you have not applied for a position and they can reach you when there is a suitable position for you.

If you need support to use BİLGİ Talent, you can reach us through