LPA Professional Assessment

Do you want to discover your competencies with BİLGİ-Laureate Professional assessment program?

By participating in BİLGİ-Laureate Professional assessment program, you will have the opportunity to discover and assess the necessary competencies needed in the workplace.

We have been working with a global network of subject matter experts, both internal and external, to develop this assessment tool to measure the competencies that are critical for success across industries and around the world. You have been invited to take an assessment that will measure a series of competencies identified as critical for your success in the workplace.

  • Upon completion of the assessment, you will be provided with an LPA Developmental Feedback Report which will outline your level of proficiency on a variety of competencies as well as provide specific developmental tips to help you improve your proficiency.
  • You will have the chance to discover your strengths to strive and weaknesses to improve in professional life.
  • Upon graduation, you will be granted a BİLGİ-Laureate Professional Assessment Certification that validates your competencies and levels in the job market.
  • First year students and last year students that are enrolled to an undergraduate program can participate in the program.

    • It is an assessment test to measure your professional competencies and it is conducted online. The estimation time to complete the assessment is approximately 1 hour.
    • You can complete the assessment from your personal computer at home or you can participate at the computer labs we reserved at school.
    • The assessment is available in Turkish or English. (other languages are also available) You can take the assessment in your preferred language.

    To participate in the program and to receive your certificate, please click the appropriate link below, and simply complete the assessment. You can finish the assessment at once, or using Suspend button over multiple times.

    Assessment link for first year students: http://lpa.act360.com/enrollment/bilgie01
    Assessment link for fourth year students: http://lpa.act360.com/enrollment/bilgie02

    NOTE: Dear 4th year students, please complete the following mini survey to receive your certificates.

    (TR) LPASurvey18tr
    (ENG) LPASurvey18eng

    Program is free of charge.

    Deadline: Dec 31st 2018

    System will reopen in 2019 soon.

    If you have any other questions, you can contact with;
    Yağmur Gezmiş yagmur.gezmis@bilgi.edu.tr