Bilgi Lifelong Learning Center

Bilgi Eğitim

Bilgi Education, Lifelong Learning Center at İstanbul Bilgi University, offers personal and professional development certificate programs that are designed to meet the learning needs of different age groups as well as work and interest areas. Its educational staff consists of expert professionals and academicians from all disciplines. The center provides a platform for both professional as well as cultural and art programs, thereby fostering shared experiences.

Bilgi Education is a multipurpose organization. It strives to support personal development and increase competitive strength through individual learning and certification services it provides, as well as through seminars and conferences. It is a pioneer in continuing education, and by cultivating solution partnerships, it aims to instill the culture of continuing education in all sectors. Trainings are held at İstanbul Bilgi University’s santralistanbul, Dolapdere and Kozyatağı campuses.