Administrative Affairs


  • Activities

    The Activities Office is responsible for all the in-house and external activities held at the campuses and in Energy Museum. It plays a part in the coordination of the operational processes actively for the realization of all the scientific, artistic, cultural, and social activities within the University. In addition, it manages the legal and financial processes of the activities and reports them to the respective authorities.

  • Admissions

    The Admissions Office develops annual introductory projects oriented to the University’s target group, conducts the planning and ensures the implementation of them, and manages all the internal and external resources to steer students toward and inform them about the associate, undergraduate, graduate, and international introductory programs in line with the overall strategies of the University.

  • Financial Affairs
  • General Secretariat
  • Global Talent Management Center
  • Health Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies
  • Institutional Development and Quality Coordination Office

    This office was created to increase the efficiency of the quality studies conducted at the University and to ensure the interaction between units is conducted within an institutional structure. The main mission of the unit is to coordinate the studies conducted towards the development of the institutional processes and the tracking of data.


    Gonca Günay, Prof.
    Vice Rector
    santralistanbul Campus / / + 90 212 311 76 61

    Didem Mutçalıoğlu
    Education and Training Quality Processes Advisor
    Kuştepe Campus / / + 90 212 311 61 53 

    Melike Gülsen
    Institutional Development and Quality Manager
    santralistanbul Campus / / + 90 212 311 62 64

    Melike Gülsen
    Education and Training Quality Processes Executive
    santralistanbul Campus / / + 90 212 311 62 64

    Müge Hüseyinoğlu
    Strategic Data Management and Reporting Expert
    santralistanbul Campus / / + 90 212 311 77 40

    Sabri Ağırman
    Academic and Professional Development Programs Professional
    Kuştepe Campus / / + 90 212 311 64 93

  • İstanbul Bilgi University Press
  • Legal Affairs
  • Library and E-Resources
  • Marketing/Public Relations

    The Marketing Office is responsible for the development of marketing strategy aiming to ensure that the University attains its medium and long term targets, for the management of the corporate brand in the most accurate and efficient manner, and for the communication of all kinds of projects produced accordingly to the current and prospect students and other stakeholders by the up-to-date means of communication and under the roof of a powerful corporate identity.

    The Public Relations Unit is the unit where the media communications toward empowering the brand image and reputation of the University before the internal and external stakeholders are conducted, the activities regarding the visibility of the brand and sharing of it with the opinion leaders are managed, and agency relations are coordinated.

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    At our University, the objective has been set to assure that all hazards and risks are defined, prioritized, and properly managed. The Unit ensures the participation of the employees in the assessment initiatives by means of providing them with the basic occupational health and safety trainings along with the trainings in their respective job definitions.

  • Planning

    The Planning Unit is where the course and examination schedules are drawn up. The Unit takes charge of planning all the physical areas of the University used for education.

  • Projects Office
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Purchasing
  • Registrar's Office

    Entire information requiring academic registration and reporting and the data entries in this regard are followed up by the Registrar’s Office. Follow-up of the online systems, curricula, and personal course programs relating to the students, implementation of procedures, and provision of the respective data, along with the inspection of the accurate and neat functioning of rules are under the responsibility of this Unit. 

  • Student Affairs (Undergraduate)
  • Student Affairs (Graduate)
  • Student Support Center
  • Technical and Administrative Affairs

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