Laureate International Universities, in collaboration with leading institutions, sends representatives and speakers to the meetings/forums where events are held and organizes competitions. BİLGİ students are able to join these competitions and watch the forums in different parts of the world through live broadcast on santralistanbul Campus.

World Business Forum

The World Business Forum convenes business experts and world leaders to share their insights and knowledge. "The World Business Forum offers Laureate students unique access to the world’s most influential business executives and thought leaders," said Douglas L. Becker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Laureate Education, Inc. "Laureate and each of our member institutions strive to offer our students the kinds of insights and knowledge that will give them an edge in the global labor market after graduation."

World Business Forum 2015 (Live Broadcast)

World Business Forum 2014 (Live Broadcast)

World Business Forum 2013 (Live Broadcast)

World Business Forum 2011

World Leadership Forum

The University of Liverpool organizes this international conference exclusively to its students, faculty, and alumni.

Laureate World Leadership Forum (Live Broadcast)

World Innovation Forum

Kuralların sürekli evrim geçirdiği ve fikirlerin egemen olduğu bir dönemde yaşıyoruz. Uyum sağlama yeteneği artık daha az belirgin ve daha çeşitli, daha az ölçülebilir ve daha geniş, daha az taktiksel ve daha stratejik.

Laureate-World Innovation Forum  (Live Broadcast)

BİLGİ Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards

BİLGİ Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards Ceremony 2017

BİLGİ Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards Ceremony 2015

BİLGİ Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards Ceremony 2014

IYF Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards Ceremony 2013

Laureate Global Fellows Class of 2012 Award Ceremony

Global Leaders Awards

Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting 2013 (Live Broadcast)