Department of Nursing

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About Department

Nursing is one of the most important branches of health services. Nursing is a profession that helps maintain and improve the health of individuals, families, and society, providing health care in the treatment and rehabilitation of illness from a holistic perspective.

The aim of the department of nursing is to educate nurses who are responsible for promoting,  maintaining and improving the health of individuals, families and the community, and for providing nursing care through evidence-based applications in the case of disease; who are skilled in planning, practical application, evaluation, critical thinking, and who unite the elements of research with academic superiority. 

Our graduates who complete their bachelor’s degree in nursing can work as nurses in all organizations that provide preventive, medical, and rehabilitative health services; in public and private hospitals; in health institutions that provide diagnostic and treatment as outpatient services; in schools; in the health units of workplaces; in institutions that provide residential care; in homes for the elderly and in rehabilitation centers. Our graduates can continue their education to obtain MSc and PhD degrees in the relevant university programs and can work as academics in universities.

Department Head
Süreyya Karaöz, Prof.