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About the Faculty

Ege Yazgan

We live in a world where knowledge is in constant evolution. As The Faculty of Business at İstanbul Bilgi University, we aim at partaking in this evolution. The achievements of our 4,000 graduates, working in the public and private sector and in academia, are a source of motivation for our dedicated academic staff. 

The faculty runs a total of 13 undergraduate degree programs in the departments of Department of Management Sciences, Department of Economics and Finance, Department of Marketing. It is the largest faculty of İstanbul Bilgi University, which was founded as a social science university. The Faculty of Business at İstanbul Bilgi University rallies a broad academic perspective with an interdisciplinary approach and top class education with a vibrant academic and campus life.

The Faculty of Business has a high reputation for its distinguished academic staff consisting of over 70 full-time professors and lecturers, and 25 visiting professionals and academics. We aim to offer our students a sound professional education as well as an enriching cultural education. Our students benefit from elective courses offered both within their departments and in other departments and faculties, and thus enjoy full control in shaping programs attuned to their varying specialization aims and academic curiosities.

The Faculty of Business, through its various scientific and social projects, actively contributes to the mission of İstanbul Bilgi University. We believe that our commitment to maintaining strong ties with all segments of society further benefits our students. Our Faculty is also proud to be in scholarly exchange and cooperation with the broader academic community in Turkey and abroad.

Our research projects, scientific publications, educational programs and cultural and social events provide our students with a dynamic environment that enables them to learn in and outside the classroom. At the Faculty of Business, we value student participation. Input and feedback from our students is strongly encouraged; their academic productivity during and after their student life is generously supported. 

The Faculty of Business allies an excellent education with a lively cultural and social environment. It promotes and satisfies intellectual curiosity, enhances personal development and creates social awareness, together with a capability to tackle current issues and meet today's challenges.


Benan Orbay, Prof.

Acting Dean