Faculty of Law

  • The Seventh İstanbul Willem C. Vis Pre-Moot

  • Faculty of Law 2017-18 Academic Year Opening

  • This is BİLGİ- 25,00 students at 21st anniversary


About the Faculty

Turgut Tarhanlı

In the last few decades, the nation-state and, of course, its legal system have been faced with the great challenge of globalization. In this context, almost every legal issue can have international or transnational consequences. This is also a challenge for lawyers, who are expected to respond to all the questions that confront them. Under these circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to be fully informed on every legal problem. In general, law designs the relations among individuals and institutions, but a lawyer should have the capability to scrutinize those relations on which the law should be based. Consequently, legal education should not be limited to courses on black-letter law, but should pave the way to achieve knowledge and understanding of social structure, at both national and international levels.

Aware of these facts, the BİLGİ Faculty of Law has a distinctive approach to legal education. In its curriculum, the Faculty offers a list of core legal courses through which students may gain the basic knowledge about the structure and substance of law: i.e., Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Criminal Procedure Law, Public International Law, Human Rights Law, Theory of State, etc.

In parallel with these traditional legal courses, a variety of elective courses are also included in the curriculum: i.e., Law of International Organizations, Law and Society, European Union Institutions, EC Competition Law, Law and Psychology, Criminal Justice, Media and Communication Law, Internet Law, Sports Law, International Sales Law, Capital Markets Law, Foreign Investment Law, Competition Law, International Criminal Law, etc. Some of the courses in the electives list are taught in English.

Furthermore, BİLGİ Legal Clinic, a two-term course for senior law students and also the first and foremost clinical legal education program in Turkey, which aims to practice the basic legal skills through real legal cases, was also constructed under the above-mentioned parameters in the curriculum.

BİLGİ Faculty of Law provides the opportunity for its students to test their knowledge and skills at the international level through tens of exchange agreements concluded with leading European and American Universities. Additionally, as a member of the “Laureate International Universities Network” which consists of distinguished universities in four continents, İstanbul Bilgi University and the Faculty of Law have considerably developed their capability to provide a variety of exchange programs.


Turgut Tarhanlı, Prof.

Acting Dean