Assoc. Prof.

Deniz Çalış Kural

+90 212 311 7715

Santralistanbul / 6 NO'LU BİNA 205

B. Deniz Çalış Kural received her Bachelor’s Degree from Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1995; Master’s Degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY in 1998; and her Ph.D. in Architecture from METU in 2004. For her graduate studies, she was granted TUBİTAK NATO Scholarship (1996-2004) and Harvard University Dumbarton Oaks Fellowship (2003-2004). She has taught courses on Ottoman landscape culture; arts and architecture of the Islamic world and the history of urbanism in Istanbul at the University of Virginia (UVA) in the School of Architecture, Department of Architectural History in 2010-2011; has been a full-time faculty in Bahçeşehir University (2007-2011) and Yeditepe University (2005-2007). Currently, she is also preparing a book on the deviant Sufi practices in the Ottoman public gardens. Her research topics include Ottoman space culture (16th c.- 18th c.) including Ottoman garden and landscape traditions, urban culture, as well as, the arts and architecture of the Islamic world. Her research and works are published by Harvard University Dumbarton Oaks Press, TOPOS and others.