International Student Advising Office


Within the framework of our university's strategic plan, mission, and vision, the International Student Advising Office of aims to provide support to BİLGİ’s international degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students, by creating platforms that facilitate a prosperous education period, enabling satisfaction with the university in the duration of their stay, and assisting them with graduating as well-rounded cultural ambassadors. Furthermore, a goal the office thrives to achieve is the inclusion of international students in the BİLGİ community by providing equal access to cultural and social activities and participation in university events.

Our learning objectives are; to guide international students during their education period in a specialized manner to suit their individual needs as international students, to support the students with administrative and academic procedures in the university as well as general governmental procedures that pertain to their lives in Turkey, and to assist students in enriching their cultural experiences and develop a global perspective as an integrated member of the BİLGİ student body.

Our learning outcomes are; incoming students will be able to identify and operate the internal and external institutional procedures of international students, and that incoming students will be able to formulate ways of integrating as an international student to the university and be an active member of the student body.


The services of the International Student Advising Office start following the students’ arrival to the university and encompasses the areas below.

  • Conducting special international student orientation sessions that help guide international students through a smooth transition in their academic, social and cultural adjustment to life at Istanbul Bilgi University,

  • Helping with course registration procedures (especially sending out emails informing the students on how to select courses, adding and dropping courses, as well as doing a section change),

  • Providing information and assisting with Residence Permit applications,

  • Obtaining Health Insurance,

  • Informing and assisting students over social media and email regarding announcement events or tending to inquiries,

  • Updating the guide book annually to inform the students on the inner workings of the university and Istanbul (including opening a bank account and obtaining a tax number),

  • Organizing social events for the students, most prominently a seminar to help them cope with cultural differences and other difficulties.

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