English Preparatory Program

Language Programs Director MA Didem Mutçalıoğlu

Dear students,

In this day and age, speaking a foreign language is not an exception but a necessity. Primarily speaking English as well as other languages has become a prerequisite not only in the world of academia, but also in the world of business and wider society in general. With that in mind, BİLGİ Language Programs offer a variety of language programs besides English, which is the most essential language of communication of these days, in order for our students to be able to learn and effectively use these languages both in their academic and in their social and business lives.

Following the English Preparatory Program, BİLGİ Language Programs offer Academic English Language Skills courses correlated with the faculties and the vocational schools as well as several elective English and foreign language courses.

As Language Programs, our wish and aim is for our students to graduate from the university as efficient and confident users of language who can communicate effectively in the international arena.

Best wishes

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