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Name Surname Faculty / School / Vocational School Keywords
Avni Zafer Acar School Of Applied Sciences Strategic Management, Competitive Strategies, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Logistics Strategies, Business Capabilities, Organizational Culture, Leadership
Serhan Ada Faculty Of Communication Cultural policy, art criticism and philosophy of art, cultural diplomacy, cultural ındustries and creative economy
İbrahim Başar Aka Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Biomedical sciences and technologies, biomechanics, biomedical ınstrumentation, pediatric ventricular assist device, centrifugal blood pump
Asaf Savaş Akat Faculty Of Business Macroeconomics, inflation, growth, monetary policy
Koray Akay School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Growth, economy, macro
Galma Akdeniz Faculty Of Law Criminology, Victimology, law and society, restorative justice, victimization and harm, crime and justice statistics, justice theory, criminal justice, prisons, penal policy, homicide and femicide
Yaman Akdeniz Faculty Of Law Public law, human rights, information technology law
Ahmet Tamer Aker Vocational School Of Health Services Mental health, immigration, schizophrenia
L. Hilal Akgül Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities History of the Republic of Turkey, History of the Turkish economy, political life and institutions in Turkey, the history of political parties in Turkey
Fulya Akipek Faculty Of Architecture Digital design and production, ecological design, biomaterials, design with natural materials in architecture, soil architecture, sustainable cities, performance based design
Ümit Akırmak Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Human memory and cognitive processes, free associations, relational memory, semantic networks, false memory, working memory, cognitive processes at work, psychometry, validity and reliability, psychological networks, individual differences, time perspective, motivation, subjective well-being
Gülsen Betül Aktaş Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Protein engineering, Biosensor development and optimization, DNA binding proteins and their tags
Büşra Aktürk Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Concrete technology, geopolymers, alkalis activated binder systems, durability, internal structure, cement based building materials reinforced with fibers
Kezban Ayça Alangoya Faculty Of Architecture Architectural Design Education, Urban Design Education, Creative Analysing, 20th Century Urban Design History, Urban Morhology
Neşenur Altıniğne Ekici Faculty Of Business Consumer behavior, online retail, corporate social responsibility, consumer ethics, experimental design
Emrah Altınok Faculty Of Architecture Theory, criticism and method in architecture, planning and design
Elif Defne Altıntaş Vocational School Of Health Services Endodontics, pulp, regeneration, cytotoxicity, biocompability,
Emre Altürk Faculty Of Architecture Architectural design, architectural theory, architectural representation, urbanization-architecture relationship, modern urban history, visual studies.
Esra Arıkan Faculty Of Business Marketing product and brand management, consumer behavior, service marketing
İrem Arıkan Ekşi School Of Applied Sciences Textile history, weaving history, sustainable fashion practices, textile art, fiber art
Pınar Artıran Faculty Of Law International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Competition Law, World Trade Organization, EU Law, Climate Change, Environmental Law, Green Consensus, International Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Nafia Gül Asatekin Faculty Of Architecture Theory of restoration, traditional dwellings in Anatolia, aesthetics of place, interior design, architectural design, new buildins in historical environments
Yonca Aslanbay Faculty Of Communication Sustainable consumption, consumer behavior, entrepreneurship
Serap Atakan Faculty Of Business Retailing, business ethics, sustainability, social responsibility
Oya Aydın School Of Tourism And Hospitality Higher education, research performance, internationalization
Aslı Elif Aydın Altınoklar School Of Applied Sciences Consumer decision making systems, behaviors of financial consumers, food waste attitudes and behaviors of consumers, physical activity motivation
Hakan Ayral Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Evolutionary computing, genetic programming, heterogeneous computing, parallel programming, dynamical systems
Evren Aysev Faculty Of Architecture Architectural Design, Urban Design, Neoliberal Urbanization Processes, Deep Ecology, Anthropocene
Fulya Aytaç Türkan Vocational School Of Health Services biochemistry, cancer biochemistry, tumor biomarkers, tumor development, enzymology, food chemistry, lactose intolerance, biopolymer
Asuman Aytekin İnceoğlu Faculty Of Law Violence against women, migrant smuggling, criminal law, criminal procedure law, hate crimes, victims' rights, banking crimes, fundamental rights and freedoms, victim-offender mediation
Gülhan Balsoy Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Gender, ottoman history, ottoman society, medical history
Abdurrahman Eray Baran Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Advanced motion control, teleoperation, prediction techniques, control systems, micromanipulation and microrobotics, medical robotic systems
Bilge Baş Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Life cycle assessment (lca), environmental sustainability, marine discharges, coastal structures, multi-purpose / hybrid offshore platforms, physical modeling, environmental impacts of marine renewable energy systems.
Ece Baş Süzel Faculty Of Law Law of obligations, law of contracts, international sales law, consumer law, tort law, family law
Nilgün Başalp Yıldırım Faculty Of Law Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Contract Law, Civil Liability, Property Law, Comparative Law, Law of Persons, Data Protection, EU Data Protection Law, Privacy
Okan Zafer Batur Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Integrated circuits and systems, ultra wideband, high frequency technique, sensor reader circuits, communication electronics
Fatma Bayata Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Solid mechanics, material design and behavior, machine design and machine elements
Sema Bayraktar Tür School Of Applied Sciences Quantitative and qualitative finance, time series analysis, financial crises, banking, risk management, ınternational finance, small and medium enterprises, sustainable finance, green finance
Merve Baysoy Faculty Of Business Macroeconomics, Spatial Econometrics, Econometrics, International Trade and Economics, Applied Macro, Growth Theory
Fuat Beyazıt School Of Applied Sciences Mathematical Finance, Option Pricing, Risk Management, Interest Rate Models
Esra Ercan Bilgiç Faculty Of Communication New media studies, media literacy, digital media and children, press history, media and social change
Mesrure Melis Bilgin Faculty Of Communication Performance studies, performing arts, theater, cinema, animation cinema, visual arts, mythology
İnci Bilgin Tekin Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Adaptation, rewriting, mythology, theater, contemporary theories, literature and environment
Bülent Bilmez Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Modern ottoman and republic of turkey socio-economic, political and intellectual history, history of the ottoman railways, ottoman constitutional history of modern balkans and abilities albanians (luke) history, modern german history, collective memory and dating confrontation / reckoning, dersim history, collective identities, cultural plurality and language rights
Hale Bolak Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Gender, cultural context, gender construction, social psychology, discrimination and violence, health psychology
Nurcan Boşdurmaz Rectorate Ottoman period muslim gravestones and cemeteries, ottoman period weaving and coppersmith, iron hand tools used in anatolia
Büke Boşnak Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities European studies, civil society, gender studies, social movements
Cemil Boyraz Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Political science, political economy, political life and ınstitutions
Tuğçe Bozkurt Vocational School Of Health Services Nursing, surgical Nursing, cardiovascular nursing, postoperative pain management
Evrim Büyükaslan Oosterom School Of Applied Sciences 3D garment simulation, virtual reality, fit, comfort, artificial intelligence, fashion buying, fashion retail, fashion supply chain
Aycan Çakmak Reyhan Faculty Of Health Sciences Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Deniz Çalış Kural Faculty Of Architecture Ottoman and ıslamic landscape culture history, ottoman and ıslamic architecture history and urbanism and art, contemporary landscape design theory urbanism and urban culture, architectural design.
Cansu Canbolat School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Deep Neural Network, Deep Learning, Image Processing 
Efkan Canşen Rectorate Late 19th century and early 20th century political artistic economic sportive developments in Central Europe, The Biedermeier Age between 1815-1848 and the Revolutionary Aftermath, Congres of Vienna Napolionic Wars Worker movements, Unification of the German principalities under Prussian leadership and the emergence of Germany on the historical stage, The collapse of Empires and the building of Nation states, 20th century thoughts revolutions antisemitism racism
Alişan Çapan Faculty Of Law Human Rights, Fundamental Rights & Freedoms, Philosophy of Law, History of Law
Gökçe Çataloluk Faculty Of Law Legal philosophy, legal methodology, law and literature, ethics and law, social theory and law, systems theory, law education
Alev Çavdar Sideris Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Adult psychotherapy process, relationship between affect and therapeutic relationship in psychotherapy and outcome, defense mechanisms, relational psychoanalytic ınterpretations of dreams and symbols
Kenan Çayır Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Identity, society, citizenship, school books
Kerem Çelikboya Faculty Of Law  
Can Cemgil Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities International relations, foreign policy analysis dialectic, geopolitics
Volkan Çetin Faculty Of Communication 2D - 3D Computer Graphics, Photography&Video, Animation, New Media Technologies
Ayça Çiftçi Faculty Of Communication Feminist film studies, gender issues in film industries, documentary cinema, video essay, short film, Kurdish cinema, film and politics
Gökhan Cintamür School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Corporate marketing, consumer behavior, brand management, service marketing
Sesil Çınar Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Photopolymerization
Gergely Czukor Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Social psychology organizational behavior, labor psychology
Murat Dağlı Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Early modern Ottoman history, social and economic history, historiography, comparative historical sociology
Aylin Dağsalgüler Faculty Of Communication Television culture, audience research, media economy politics, screen studies
Ali Deniz Dalgıç Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Controlled Drug Delivery Systems
Tuğba Dalyan Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Data Science, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Language models, Text/Image Processing
Selami Demirkol General Education Department Human Rights Law, Administration Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Tax Law, Tax Procedure Law, Health Law, Environmental Law, Consumer Law, Zoning Laws, Civil Servants Legislation.
Selim Demirtaş Vocational School Of Health Services Medical research, laboratory studies, tissue processing for light and electron microscopy, routine and immunohistochemical staining - imaging and analysis procedures, western blotting, clinical embryology studies.
Bihter Dereli General Education Department Education, Foreign Language Teaching, Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Turkish Language and Education
Elif Elçin Dereli Faculty Of Health Sciences Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Spinal Deformities, Rheumatologic Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Exercise, Quality of Life, Reliability, and Validity, Virtual Reality-Based Rehabilitation, Task-oriented Rehabilitation, Delphi Methodology.
Derin Derman School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Visual Communication Design, Photography, 3D Computer Graphics, Animation, Video, Visual Analysis, Digital Ethnography
Fatma Didin Faculty Of Business Macroeconomics, economic growth and development
Hasret Dikici Bilgin Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Comparative politics, middle eastern elections and political parties, electoral systems, political elite, coalition politics, radicalization, political ıslam, labor movement
Kenan Dinç Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Logistics optimization, supply chain modeling
Kübra Doğan Yenisey Faculty Of Law Labor law, social security law, collective bargaining models, new ways of working, teleworking, teleworking, the future of work, platform employees, migrant workers, volunteering
Tomris Duymaz Faculty Of Health Sciences Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, lymphedema, mobilization, manipulation, telerehabilitation, telemedicine, bioimpedance analysis, preoperative measurement, breast cancer, bariatric rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, anxiety, depression, quality of life
Zehra Düzgit Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Operations research, scheduling, production planning, meta-heuristic algorithms, logistics (Warehouse management)
Elif Hicret Ek Bektaş School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Form , Meaning , Space , Educational Buildings , Airports , Modernism , Interior Design
Ayfer Ekim Faculty Of Health Sciences Child health and diseases
Yeliz Ekinci Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Decision analysis, operations research, business ıntelligence, data mining
Esengül Elibol Faculty Of Health Sciences Organizational behavior, mindfulness, critical thinking, medical errors and clinical risks management, nursing management, nursing education, nursing image
Özlem Er Faculty Of Architecture Design ability, design management, functional upgrade, global value chains
Kuter Erdil Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences biomedical MEMS and biosensors, biomedical imaging optics, flexible and disposable devices, microtechnology.
Emre Erdoğan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Political life and ınstitutions political sociology, turkish political life
Itır Erhart Faculty Of Communication Social entrepreneurship, gender, football
Evrim Erişir Faculty Of Law Civil procedure law, civil procedure, enforcement and bankruptcy law, concordat, restructuring of companies, arbitration, mediation
Kemal Ilgar Eroğlu Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Fractal geometry, geometric measure theory
Ivo Ozan Furman Faculty Of Communication Communication, sociology, contextual mapping, twitter, data visualization, political economy of data and digital sociology.
Emine Eser Gegez Faculty Of Communication Marketing communication, advertising, research methods, brand management, consumer behavior, reputation and social responsibility
Firat Genç Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Urban Studies; Politics of Space; Historical Sociology; Social Theory; Sociology of Culture; Migration Studies; Social Movements
Ayça Ebru Giritligil School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Critical thinking, experimental economics, economic behavior
Yiğit Dağhan Gökdel Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences MEMS and microtechnology, biomedical electronics, optical MEMS, biomedical MEMS, magnetic MEMS, electronic circuit design
Gülay Uğur Göksel Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Political movements and history of political thought, comparative political movements, political sociology
Simge Göksoy Faculty Of Architecture Design Education, History of Design, Design Thinking, Design for Sustainability
Cemile Demir Gökyayla Faculty Of Law International private law, international commercial arbitration, international commercial law, distribution agreements, foreign investment law, international construction law, international family law
Barika Göncü Faculty Of Communication Public relations, corporate communication, reputation management, crisis management, crisis communication, communication consultancy, critical public relations, activist public relations
Yunus Emre Gönen General Education Department European Integration, European Political History, Turkey-EU Relations, European Arts History, French Political History, Colonialism and decolonisation, Revolutionary changes in the World
Şahika Görgülü Faculty Of Communication strategic communication, corporate communication, digital media, leadership, social inclusion.
Enis Gümüş Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Composition, Music Theory, Sound Design, Performance and Improvisation, Turkish Music
Gürkan Günay Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Mode choice, transportation planning, freight transportation, airport access, micromobility
Gamze Gündüz School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies, Computation Based Design, Tool Design , Digital Craft, Robotic Fabrication Processes, Generative Algorithms, Material Based Design, Architectural Geometry.
Burcu Halaçoğlu Faculty Of Communication Performing Arts, Theater, Actor Training, Michael Chekhov Acting Technique, Directing 
Aysa Jafari Farmand Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Biomedical signal processing, electroencephalography, brain-computer interface, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Selcan Kaplanvural Vocational School Of Health Services Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Accident, Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling
Kutay Karabağ Faculty Of Architecture Conservation theories, adaptive reuse of industrial heritage, new building design in traditional fabric, architectural restoration and adaptive reuse, traditional Mediterranean Architecture, heritage tourism, history and theory of computational design, architectural photogrammetry, serious games
Aylin Kiliç Cepdibi General Education Department Political Theory, History of Political Thinking, Political History of Turkey, Feminism, Art and Culture
Işil Betül Kolaşinli Ercan Vocational School Of Health Services early childhood development, preschool education, classroom climate, social development
Hanefi Kurt Faculty Of Dentistry Prosthodontic treatment, Tempormandibular Disorders, Occlusal splints, CAD/CAM technologies, 3D printers and Digital complete dentures
Sinan Logie Faculty Of Architecture Urban sprawl, Over urbanization, Right to the city
Deniz Nebioğlu Kasapoğlu Faculty Of Business DSGE Modelling, experimental macroeconomics, behavioral macroeconomics, public policy preferences
Eylem İlker Oyman School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Software development processes,  Enterprise software systems, Software project management, Database and data warehouse systems, Wireless sensor networks, Communication protocols, Mobile and multimedia communication
Çağdaş Özer School Of Advanced Vocational Studies data mining, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cyber security
Bura Özgül School Of Advanced Vocational Studies 15th century Fatih Period Culinary Culture, Ottoman Period Food and Beverage Enterprises, Mevlevi Culinary Structure, Sukiyabashi Jiro & El Bulli & Le Gavroche, Haute Cuisine vs Avant Grade Cuisine
Ayşegül Öztürk Vocational School Of Health Services dentistry, oral implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implant burs, implant supported prostheses, botulinum toxin (botox) injections
Umut Paksoy Vocational School Of Health Services Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Sports Sciences
Amina Rezoug Ayar Faculty Of Architecture Computational studies, Design Anthropology, Use and Design Contexts, Home Culture, and Housing Studies
Şadan İnan Rüma Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Balkans, Russia, Eurasia; International Political Economy; Political Economy of Turkish Foreign Policy; Energy Politics; Economic Security.
Murat Saribay Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Computational mechanics, finite element methods, static and dynamic fracture mechanics, mixed-mode fatigue crack growth, multiscale fracture, structural analysis and reliability, welding, residual stress analysis, energy density approach, plasticity, vibration, low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue, mechanical design optimization, simulation of crash behavior, contact mechanics, CAE methodology development, reliability analysis for semiconductor packages, parallel programming, user defined subroutines.
Tuğçe Sarul Vocational School Of Health Services Pathophysiology of behavioral disorder of gene polymorphisms related to neurotransmitters, molecular biology, immunology, gene polymorphism, monoaminoxidase A (MAO-A) gene, genetic factors associated with antisocial behaviors and aggression
Öznur Sevdiren Faculty Of Law Criminal law, criminal procedure law, international criminal law, comparative criminal law, child law and juvenile courts, criminal justice, criminology, penology, preventive police powers, freedom of expression, hate speech, hate crimes, impunity, human rights law, and data protection law.
Hande Seven Avuk Vocational School Of Health Services Sports nutrition, Medical nutrition therapy in diseases, functional foods, clinical nutrition, nutritional supplements, Erogenic aids
Fikret Soner School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Gastrodiplomacy, Local Cuisines of Turkey, Gastronomy tourism, Turkish Cuisine
Tunahan Taşçi Vocational School Of Health Services DNA, RNA, Cell Culture, Toxicology, Oxidative Stress, Cell Viability, DNA damage
Abdullah Türk School Of Applied Sciences Human Resources Management, Strategic Business Management, management and organization, Aviation Management, Leadership and Motivation
Mert Uçankale Vocational School Of Health Services implant-supported prosthesis, dental implants, denture adhesives
Efe Kaan Ulu School Of Applied Sciences local food, food heritage, gastronomy tourism, functional foods
Yağmur İdil Ulusoy Vocational School Of Health Services Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, Radionuclide dosimetry, Positron Emission Tomography, Single Photon Emission Tomography, Medical Imaging, Radiation Physics, Medical Data Analytics
Mehmet Ürgüp School Of Advanced Vocational Studies Motion Graphic Design, 3-D Design, 3-D Typography, Animation, Graphic Design, Game Design, Architectural Digital Design, UI/UX, Visual Effect, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Movie Design, Artifical Intelligence
Ayşe Utkan Kahraman General Education Department Information Technology, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database
Ryan Macey Wise Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities aging, intergenerational relationships, grandparenting, parenting, autonomy development
Şebnem Yalinay Çinici Faculty Of Architecture Ontology, philosophy of technology and architecture; architectural design and architectural theory; integration of high-end design + production technologies and design education; first year design education; non-hierarchical, self-organizing structures and life fictions; sustainable futures
Veliye Yanli Faculty Of Law Commercial Law, Company Law, Capital Markets Law
Funda Yildiz Vocational School Of Health Services Disadvantaged groups, family health, community health,violence, developmental needs
Semih Yücel General Education Department Cultural difference, gamification, business model studies, smart cities, identity and communication theories
Gonca Günay Faculty Of Business women’s entrepreneurship, women in managerial positions, business models of social enterprises, stereotype threat, leadership, fairness
Erdem Günay Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Modeling, simulation and optimization of energy systems, energy and electricity consumption estimation with data mining and machine learning techniques, renewable energy types including solar wind bio-energy systems
Perihan Güner Faculty Of Health Sciences Psychosocial problems in chronic diseases (especially cancer patients), Professional quality of life, psychosocial difficulties in health professionals (especially working with cancer patients)
Cihangir Gündoğdu Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Ottoman society, ottoman socio-economic history, ottoman thought history, ottoman institutions and civilization
Doğan Güneş Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Computational Fluid Mechanics, Computer Aided Engineering, ThermoFluids
Aslı Gürer Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Syntax-prosody, syntax-semantics and syntax-morphology interface, language documentation
Dilek Gürsoy Faculty Of Communication Transmedya storytelling, transmedia journalism, design-oriented thinking, visual design theories, visual design applications
İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu School Of Sports Sciences And Technology Physical activity, body and sport sociology, women, gender, olympic games, women's sports, immigration, immigrant athletes, supporters
Sibel Halfon Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Clinical psychology, mentalization, emotion regulation, attachment, psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapeutic alliance
Nazan Haydari Pakkan Faculty Of Communication Feminist media, alternative media, critical media pedagogy, radio studies ıntercultural communication
Ayşe Evren Hoşgör Çimen Faculty Of Business Political history business economics and political history of turkey's economy situation theory organization theory sociology of work
Deniz İkizlerli İşletme Fakültesi Investor behavior, stock market anomalies, behavioral finance
Mehmet Murat İnceoğlu Faculty Of Law Civil law, law of obligations
Ster Irmak Sav Faculty Of Health Sciences Protein biochemistry, proteomics, cell biology, tumor growth, angiogenesis, vascularization, tissue engineering, composites, tumor biomarkers, urine protein analysis
İdil Işık Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Field risk analysis / behavioral analysis, relationship between psychology and work life in the field of employee health and safety; research techniques - numerical / quantitative / qualitative; adapting the basic knowledge of psychology to different social problems; disabled people, lgbti; bipolar disorder, syrian individuals under temporary protection; working with different disadvantaged groups; organizational trauma, flexible work management, prevention of psychosocial risks; quality of working life
Banu Kabakulak Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Wireless sensor networks event planning data routing and intuitive
Seda Kalem Berk Faculty Of Law Sociology of law, law and society studies, feminist legal theory, sociology of professions, studies of access to justice, qualitative research methods.
Deniz Kelekçi Faculty Of Business Strategy, entrepreneurship, internal entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, resilience, reputation, change and innovation.
Nuri Kara Faculty Of Communication Digital game, vote, educational technologies
İdil Üçer Karababa Faculty Of Architecture Ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture, space perception, computational ornament, basic design education,
Serdar Karabati Faculty Of Business Values, moral values, employee well-being, life satisfaction
Tanay Karademir Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Geotechnical engineering, design with geosynthetics, polymer materials and engineering behaviors in civil engineering, poor soil characterization, geotechnical laboratory and field tests and data acquisition systems, highways and railways ınfrastructure design and construction
Ulaş Karan Faculty Of Law Constitutional law, constitutional judiciary, individual application to the constitutional court, european convention of human rights law, individual application to the european court of human rights, freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of art, hate crimes, hate speech , non-discrimination, human trafficking, right to be forgotten, non-governmental organizations, right to education, social rights
Mehmet Bedii Kaya Faculty Of Law Information and technology law, forensic ınformatics, digital transformation, cyber security, ınternet governance, e-government, protection of personal data, privacy, open data, data governance, privacy enhancing technologies, electronic signature, electronic seal, time stamp, digital company, registered electronic mail, website authentication certificates, server signing, cybercrime, cybercrime, online child abuse, trust services, trust service provider, electronic commerce, commercial electronic communication, biometric data, artificial ıntelligence, blockchain, ınternet of things, electronic communications systems, electronic payment services, open banking, algorithmic transparency and explainability, digital services, online content moderation, ındustrial data, cyber ıntelligence, digital service tax
Ayhan Kaya Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Political Theory, ethnicity and global order, contemporary Political ideologies, cultural diversity, international migration, domestic migration, transnational Politics, Islamophobie, racism, populism, nationalism, radicalisation, youth cultures
Nilay Kaya Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Evliyâ Çelebi studies, Modern Turkish Literature, Travel Writing, Literature and Film, Literature and Visuality, Brontë studies, 20th Century German Literature, Migration and Exile Literature, Literary Modernism
Tugay Keçeci Vocational School Of Health Services Neuroscience, neurochuantology, neurophysiology, mathematical neuroscience, neural networks, dynamic systems, chaotic systems, learning algorithms, deep learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive processes, memory, dyscalculia, dyslexia, learning difficulties
Elif Kendir Beraha Faculty Of Architecture Craft and Architecture, Architecture and Phenomenology, Tectonic Culture, Human-Environment Relationships, Cultural Landscapes, Sustainable Design and Planning, Urban Political Ecology
Ayşegül Kesirli Unur Faculty Of Communication Television studies, television series, genre studies, transnational adaptations
Umut Keskin Faculty Of Business Decision theory, social choice theory, mathematical economics
Ferda Keskin Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Contemporary French Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Philosophy and Literature
Fatma Nihan Ketrez Sözmen Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Linguistics, cognitive linguistics, morphology, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, turkish
Ahmet Uğur Kevenk Faculty Of Health Sciences Health management, quality, employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction, employee safety, patient safety, total quality management, quality management system, risk assessment, accreditation, health law, performance, productivity, rewarding, discipline
Azer Kılıç Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Gender, reproductive technologies, interest representation, social policy, demographic change
Gülen Kurt Öncel Vocational School New Media Studies, Media and Democracy, Journalism, News Writing and Analysis
Gökçe Kurtulan Güner Faculty Of Law Sale law, comparative law, law of obligations, property law, trust law
Ozan Kuyumcuoğlu Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Turkish Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, History of the Middle East.
Merve Küçükali Öztürk School Of Applied Sciences Technology fashion products, sustainable fashion, nanotechnology, technical textiles, yarn, knitting and weaving technologies
Burcu Kütükçüoğlu Faculty Of Architecture Theory, criticism, method in architectural design, architecture, planning and design, aesthetics in architecture
Haluk Levent Faculty Of Business Labor markets, wages, returns to education, social capital
Eser Levi Faculty Of Communication Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Online Marketing, Advertising
Zeynep Maçkalı Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Bipolar disorders, psychosocial ıntervention, group psychotherapy, positive clinical psychology, creativity, well-being, life satisfaction, autism, early symptoms, play, art therapy
Halil Nalçaoğlu Faculty Of Communication Technology and society, digitalization, deconstruction, cultural theory, communication philosophy
Yağmur Nuhrat Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Ethics and moral anthropology (via football, education and urban space / traffic), sexuality and gender in football, language.
Beyza Oba Faculty Of Business Alternative organizations, corporate governance, sharing economy, crowdfunding, gender diversity
Burak Oder Faculty Of Law Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure Law, Public Economic Law
Gül Okutan Nilsson Faculty Of Law Commercial law, ıntellectual property law
Yeşim Öniz Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Spiking neural networks adaptive neuro fuzzy system learning algorithms and abs
Özge Onursal Beşgül Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities European union, european politics and governance, international organizations, europeanization, european education area
Türkan Benan Orbay Faculty Of Business Labor market
İrem Otay Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Fuzzy sets and its extensions, multi-criteria decision making, fuzzy multitarget mathematical programming, reverse logistics, humanitarian logistics
Dolunay Özbek Faculty Of Law Public International Law, Law of the Sea, irregular maritime migration, protection of human rights at sea, maritime delimitation, maritime security, jurisdiction over shipping
Muammer Özbek Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Structural health monitoring wind and earthquake response robotic systems, mechanical, energy, hydraulics, dynamic
Gencer Özcan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Turkey's military, foreign policy of turkey, ıran, syria, russia, relations with ısrael, the pkk, turkey's eu membership pipelines.
Ayşe Bengi Özçelik Faculty Of Communication Consumer behavior, consumption culture, customer experience, digital marketing, digital advertising, marketing strategy, healthcare marketing
Burak Özçetin Faculty Of Communication Political communication communication theory research methods media anthropology and ethnography new media ıdeology and discourse analysis
Başak Akkan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Social policy, Welfare regimes, Care policies (childcare, elderly care, disabled care), Child well-being, Intersectional inequalities, Gender policies
Ahmet Denker Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence, control, computer graphics, virtual/augmented reality, virtual archeology
Tuğrul Cabir Hakyemez Faculty Of Business Spatiotempor al Data Analysis , Graph Learning, System Dynamics, Urban Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Spatiotemporal Crime Prediction
Dilara Fatoş Özer Faculty Of Health Sciences Motor development, Adapted/inculusive physical education, Inclusion
Ethem Özgüven Faculty Of Communication Documentary, video art, contra, audiovisual production, video art / short film
Melike Özmen Faculty Of Communication Visual communication design, ınformation design, visual arts, visual culture, urban communication, urban graphics, transmedia, storytelling, experience design, design theories and history, design policies
Oğuz Öztunalı Faculty Of Business Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Economic Inequality and Intergenerational Transmission of Socio-Economic Disadvantages, Applied Econometrics
Serda Selin Öztürk Faculty Of Business Stochastic volatility, sensitivity analysis, cryptocurrencies, carbon tax, electricity prices volatility
Cenktan Özyıldırım Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Stabilization programs banking, financial forecasting and modeling financial risk management
Mehmet Nur Alpaslan Parlakçı Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Time delay systems, variable structure control, robust control, h-infinity control, linear matrix ınequalities
Ilgar Şafak Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Physical processes in coasts, seas, estuaries and rivers (wave, hurricane, current, tide, sediment transport, turbulence, boundary layer)
Erkan Saka Faculty Of Communication New media (technologies), digital culture, cyber anthropology, cryptocurrency ethnographies, journalism
Kerem Cem Sanlı Sanlı Faculty Of Law Liability law, economic analysis of the law, competition law and policy
Baykal Sarıoğlu Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Embedded system, biomedical, microelectronics
İpek Şen Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Biomedical instrumentation, signal processing, machine learning
Esra Şengelen Sevim Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Riemannian geometry: infinitesimal transformations in some special riemann spaces, finsler geometry, applications to mathematical physics, einstein finsler metrics, commutative algebra, 2-absorbent ideals in commutative rings and modules
Zeynep Şimşek Vocational School Of Health Services Social work, children, seasonal agricultural work, migration
Elena Battini Sönmez Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Image processing pattern recognition machine learning
Cemil Ozan Soydemir Faculty Of Business Business History, Organisation Theory, Decent Work
Mualla Buket Soygüt Arslan Faculty Of Law Criminal and criminal procedure law, alternative dispute resolution - reconciliation, restorative justice, impunity, human rights, sanction theory - confiscation, humanitarian law, violence against women, hate crimes
Yudum Söylemez Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Marriage and family therapy
Yasemin Soylu Faculty Of Architecture Design research methods, D esign management, D esign education, Multi-sensory design, Food waste
Özden Sözalan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Literature, theater and film theories. British and american theater. Environment and literature
Zeynep Talay Turner Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Ethics, self philosophies, philosophy and literature
İpek Tan Çelebi Faculty Of Communication Advertising works, advertising history, cultural studies, creative labor, creative industry
Turgut Tarhanlı Faculty Of Law International law; international human rights law; international law of treaties; international peace and security law; monitoring and review mechanisms in international human rights law; human rights indicators; human rights activism (theoretical basis and activism strategy); business and human rights; non-state actors and international law; legal regime for the straits used for international navigation and Montreux Convention of 1936; space law.
Hilal Taymaz Nikerel Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences (integrative) system biology, metabolic engineering, regulation of metabolic networks
Rana Tekcan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Literary biography, shakespeare, jane austen, 18th century english literature, history and theory of poetry, literary translation
Ebru Çiğdem Thwaites Diken Faculty Of Communication Film, director ethics, scandinavian cinema, social theory, political theory, gender, digital visual cultures
Cem Tınaz School Of Sports Sciences And Technology Sports policy, sports development, sports events, sports sponsorship
Banu Tomruk Faculty Of Architecture Urban Design, Urban Studies, Architectural Theory and Criticism, Critical Mapping
Eren Tosyalı Vocational School Of Health Services Physics, mathematical physics, condensed matter physics, high energy and particle physics, nonlinear dynamical systems, chaotic systems, statistical physics, dynamical systems
Mehmet Ali Tuğtan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Distance education, digitization, hybrid, international relations, world politics, turkish foreign policy
Aslı Tunç Faculty Of Communication New media, communication theories, communication research, social media, gender
Kerim Mehmet Murat Tunç Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Steel, electric arc steelmaking furnace energy analysis liquid steel
Ömer Turan Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Historical sociology, political sociology, social movements, Turkish politics, intellectual history, social memory, social theory, gift-giving
Başak Uçanok Faculty Of Communication Organizational behavior, cross-cultural management, organizational psychology
Derya Üçoğlu Faculty Of Business Financial reporting, financial analysis, accounting education, forensic accounting
Pınar Uğurlu Kowalski Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Models theory, group theory, pseudo-groups, morley rank finite groups.
Özlem Ulucan Açan Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Biomolecular interactions, computer aided drug design, functional genomics, statistical modeling, molecular modeling
Zuhal Ulusoy Faculty Of Architecture Design education, evaluation, graphic representation, conceptual design
Oğuz Usman Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Music, Music Theory, Musicology, Musical Composition.
Anil Özge Üstünel Balcı Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Violence against women, dating violence, gender and psychology, feminist psychology, prevention and intervention studies in mental health, qualitative research methods
Pınar Uyan Semerci Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Political science methodology, political sociology, political movements and history of political thought
Ayşe Uyduranoğlu Faculty Of Business Environmental economics, environmental policies of the eu, energy and transport policies of the eu, environmental taxes and public regulation.
Ersin Uygun Vocational School Of Health Services Mental health and diseases
Veli Şafak Uysal Faculty Of Architecture Architecture- theory-criticism-method in planning and design, ınformation technologies in architecture and design, architectural design
Candan Yasan Tepetaş Faculty Of Law Private international law, international arbitration, international commercial law, international family law, lgbti+ and human rights, product liability
Abdurrahman Tuğrul Yazar Faculty Of Architecture Digital design and production technologies, computational design, architectural education, parametric modeling, architectural geometry and computing
Ege Yazgan Faculty Of Business Growth economy, convergence hypothesis, convergans clubs, maximum klique algorithm, maximum klique algorithm
Haluk Yener Faculty Of Business Quantitative finance, actuary, dynamic portfolio theory, stochastic optimal control, risk management, ınternational finance
Cemal Deniz Yenigün Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Variable selection, reliability and life analysis, dependency criteria, network analysis
Nihal Nurhan Yentürk Faculty Of Business Public economy, university-civil society relations, civil society capacity strengthening, youth work, child studies
Elif Aslı Yetkin Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences High energy physics, complex data analysis, exotic meson analysis, detector r&d
Yücel Yıldırım Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences High Tc Superconductors, Magnetic Semiconductors, Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Heat Engines, Ferroelectric Materials
Savaş Yıldırım Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, artificial ıntelligence
Umman Mahir Yıldırım Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Operations research, metaheuristic approaches, transportation and logistics problems, machine learning
Esra Yıldız Faculty Of Communication Visual culture, cinema, "ecology, art and sustainability", social movements and culture, gender, memory studies, sociology.
Tuğba Yıldız Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Natural language processing, text / image processing, machine learning, deep learning
İlyas Yılmaz Faculty Of Engineering And Natural Sciences Computational fluid dynamics, modeling of turbulent flows, computational heat transfer, parallel programming
Hakan Yılmaz School Of Sports Sciences And Technology Consumer behavior, brand management, social identity theory, supporter behavior, sports marketing, sponsorship management
Alev Yücel Faculty Of Communication Journalism and Media Studies, Migration Studies, New Media Studies, Health Journalism, News Analysis, Political Communication, European Union
Yelda Yücel Faculty Of Business International trade and balance of payments, macroeconomics, gender economy, labor markets and policies, economic history, economic crises, the great depression
Yusuf Yüksekdağ Faculty Of Communication Smart city, ethics, mobile applications, commodification, social justice, city
Arus Yumul Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Identity, cuture, body
Ayten Zara Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities Family psychology, personality psychology, social psychiatry and community mental health