Istanbul Bilgi University encourages faculty members and students to continue their research with an interdisciplinary approach, adopting the principle that education and research are an integral whole. The research policy of our university is built upon determining the research priorities and creating an action plan compatible with these priorities. Our approach to research is to support the increase of research competence of BİLGİ’s human resource and enhancing the insight of our society about the role of research, creativity, innovation and knowledge in creating the intellectual energy that makes BİLGİ special. The studies and projects are carried out by our academic units, especially our Institutes and Application and Research Centers, or directly with the initiative of our faculty members.

The Projects Office plays an active role in creating research opportunities and providing researchers with the required support. In this context, cooperation between the physical-human-financial infrastructure support needed for research, communication, announcements and follow-up of the relevant national and international research funds, evaluation of applications to funds that create added value and efficient execution of the projects are carried out by the Projects Office. Developing incentives and measures to increase the quality and quantity of R&D activities is considered as a subject that keeps its actuality at every stage at our university.