Social Engagement Policy

Child Studies Unit

İstanbul Bilgi University Child Studies Unit works in the field of children’s rights education in order to contribute to the formation of a world in which the views of all children are valued and their rights are protected. Since 2007, the Unit has been conducting research about children’s rights, preparing training materials, developing training programs, and popularizing them.

European Institute

European Journey of BİLGİ:
Since its foundation, İstanbul Bilgi University has been open-minded and adopted a progressive approach regarding political and social discussions and it has also taken part in the discussions regarding the EU integration. Playing an active role in creating public awareness about the EU and related subjects, BİLGİ has organized many conferences and workshops about the EU integration, migration, poverty, exclusion, human rights, democratization, and social services projects.

Youth Studies Unit

Youth Studies Unit supports and organizes various activities in order to develop youth policies with the stakeholders in the field of youth. In this context, research about different subjects are conducted about youth, their needs, and youth studies within the Research Program; activities aiming to ensure that the stakeholders within the field of youth learn from one another within the framework of Networking Program are organized; works are carried out to actualize the legal arrangements required for the needs of the youth on the level of decision-makers within the scope of Advocacy Program; and examples that are considered to provide an innovative contribution to the youth field are developed and implemented as part of Modelling Program.

Center for Migration Research

The current mobility of people has turned into a significant academic field of study due to the transformation and change it leads to in societies’ social, political, legal, economic, and cultural structures and it thus led to the emergence of migration research. İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Migration Research has been established to conduct studies in this field during a period when people migrate from Turkey through various domestic, external, and transit migration movements and when people also migrate to Turkey.

Human Rights Law Research Center

İstanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center was founded in 2000 to conduct research and perform implementations with an interdisciplinary approach for the recognition, protection, and development of human rights in the fields of human rights law and humanitarian law and from the perspectives of domestic law and international law.

Cultural Policy and Management Research Center

Cultural Policy and Management Research Center carries out research, organizes trainings and publication activities that will contribute to the process of forming a democratic and participative cultural policy in Turkey, development of cultural economy, and increase of the cultural participation. It also conducts studies for producing knowledge, analyzing, compiling, evaluating, and popularizing good examples in the field of culture and attempts to serve as a cultural observatory.

Social Incubation Center

BİLGİ Social Incubation Center is a new capacity building center program that is shaped on the basis of the experiences of the various capacity development programs that have been conducted since 2003 within the scope of İstanbul Bilgi University Center for Civil Society Studies. As part of the program, civil society initiatives that conduct right based works in the city (such as NGOs, initiatives, platforms, and informal groups) are provided with place (office), financial support, face-to-face counseling, mentorship, trainings and workshops, academic support (the chance to attend the relevant courses in the University), legal support, and horizontal learning environments and by doing so, the aim is to increase the institutional capacity of these civil initiatives.

Center for Sociology and Education Studies (SEÇBİR)

SEÇBİR believes that education plays a key role in ensuring social justice and building an inclusive society. In compliance with this, it carries out activities in order to build an inclusive educational environment in which all learners can express themselves and are supported. As part of these activities, SEÇBİR conducts national and international projects, produces and shares data, designs and implements trainings, and organizes events.

NGO Training and Research Center

İstanbul Bilgi University NGO Training and Research Center has been working since 2003 as a unit founded as part of a university in Turkey for the first time with the intention of strengthening the role of NGOs in pluralist democracy and contribute to the effective functioning of NGOs. BİLGİ NGO has been established as a university-civil society meeting point that will help develop the participation capacity of non-governmental organizations’ and citizen initiatives’ management and policy formation and implementation processes.