Research Policy

İstanbul Bilgi University’s research policy is based on an understanding to produce cutting-edge work in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Research activities at BİLGİ cover projects, seminars, workshops, courses, conferences and summer schools that enhance intellectual discourse and debate. BİLGİ believes that good research is supported by appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards, a culture of integrity and good governance as well as support for the development of researchers.

Global outreach

Research is often carried out using comparative, or contextual approaches to examine and develop wide-ranging areas. The BİLGİ research policy aims to promote interaction between BİLGİ academic members, policymakers, civil society actors, and international community at local, national, regional and international levels. BİLGİ members and their projects address many of the major challenges that face Turkey and the world, and their objectives are to lead the national and international agenda across the BİLGİ’s disciplinary spectrum and through interdisciplinary initiatives. The results of BİLGİ research make significant contribution to the external world.

Interdisciplinary work

BİLGİ’s world-leading academics and researchers develop the University’s existing strengths and new lines of intellectual enquiry. The aim is to find solutions to complex, real-world problems using an interdisciplinary approach. BİLGİ encourages its academic community  to reach their full potential in research, enhancing their career development with clear performance standards and high-quality support. Through these efforts BİLGİ also aims to understanding and influencing the external research and policy agenda.  

Students and Public Engagement with Research

BİLGİ believes that knowledge grows through educational programs, conferences, seminars, and all kinds of dissemination activities, transforming the lives of our students as well as of the public in general. BİLGİ also believes that it is not enough to place as much importance to excellence in research and graduate studies, it is also essential to place excellence in undergraduate education. BİLGİ strongly encourages its graduate and undergraduate students to work with a faculty member on a research project starting from early years of their education.

Open Access and Open Research Data

BİLGİ believes that research findings must be open to scrutiny or formal evaluation by experts within the field. This may be achieved through various forms of dissemination activities including, but not limited to, publication, manufacture, construction, or public presentation. In this sense, BİLGİ makes sure that academics and researchers closely collaborate with the Research Centres and Institutes, the Projects Office, the Library, the Publishing House, and the Public Relations Department.