Projects Office

Projects Office


Projects Office and BAP Commission under Rectorate conduct planning, policy making, implementation and monitoring-evaluation processes of research activities carried out in İstanbul Bilgi University.

Projects Office is responsible from developing and managerial operation of all kinds of policies in conducting research processes. Roles and responsibilities of Project Office is regulated by “ Directive on Operating Procedures of Projects Office.

Projects Office ensures the planning and adoption of policy and objectives inside and outside the organization based on the research policy . It adopts an interdisciplinary perspective in research activities and manages the research data for THE, QS and GYÜE (Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities Index) Indices. Roles and responsibilities of Projects Office include contributing to the efficient management of research resources of the university, supporting all kinds of incentive policy to increase the quality and quantity of research and building and institutionalizing the operational process of conducting researches. Projects Office also prepares constructive reports on monitoring and sustainability of research performance.

Projects Office ensures the operation of all processes related to research projects inside the organization on the basis of carrying out the researches and provides research facilities needed by the researchers. It undertakes activities to extend the recognition and utilization of research funds. It shares the best practices in the field and works to promote collaborative researches.

Projects Office carries out the entire administrative process of BİLGİ Scientific Research Fund (BAP), one of the internal research funds, under the management of BAP Commission. Roles and Responsibilities fall within the scope of the Commission are regulated by “ Directive on İstanbul Bilgi University Scientific Research Projects .”

Projects Office transfers researches into technology, follows intellectual property procedures, develops and manages mechanisms to extend research results on the basis of research monitoring and evaluation. The department measures the impacts of the researches and provides feedback. Assessing the entrepreneurial potential of the researches and leading projects to the suitable investment instruments are included in the other roles of Projects Office.