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One of the ancient professions that touch human lives, law shapes the legal perspective of Faculty of Law students through the basic rules and legal branches that we inherited from Roman law and the new or developing fields.

Providing a legal education by adopting the principle of ‘Learning not for school but for life,’ BİLGİ Faculty of Law completes this principle with the motto of ‘ be curious’ , a motto in which the meaning of human life is hidden. The new ideas that curiosity brings and the legal education that is shaped in accordance with these ideas enable the students to acquire the ability for critical thinking, for questioning, for a multidisciplinary perspective, for analytical thinking and interpreting. Our students have the chance to expand their horizons in different faculties of law by drawing on the rich opportunities presented by BİLGİ Faculty of Law within the scope of Erasmus exchange program. An educational program that has been designed with this vision should be definitely matched with practice for the individuals who will be future jurists and the pre-experience for legal practice should be supported with Legal Clinic trainings.

The Legal Clinic studies pioneered by BİLGİ Faculty of Law in Turkey provide the required support to students regarding this issue. By synthesizing the needs of civil society, private sector, and public sector with global developments and academic knowledge while addressing legal problems, BİLGİ Faculty of Law offers its students the chance to be involved in legislative drafting processes within the scope of relevant studies. The experience of being able to think and act like a legislator is among the unique experiences that BİLGİ Faculty of Law presents to its students.