Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards

BİLGİ Genç Sosyal Girişimci Ödülleri

İstanbul Bilgi University’s Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards project was carried out in conjunction with the International Youth Foundation and the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation.

Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards is an affiliate of the YouthActionNet® program.

The Youthactionnet® program is a project that aims at investing in all young social entrepreneuers in today’s world. Begun in 2001 by the International Youth Foundation, the program provides the resources, support and educational opportunities to foster positive change in both young persons and their communities. In the rapidly evolving global free-for-all, the young generation is more responsible than ever before for dealing with such issues as poverty, climate change, HIV/AIDS, hunger, homelessness and unemployment. The energy and idealism of youth enable them to take risks and find innovative solutions. Young leaders are interested in hands-on learning methods and, in order to enhance their contribution to entrepreneurism, need information, skills and resources.

YouthActionNet® gives young leaders the support they need in such areas as skill development, advocacy, decision-making and networking.

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Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards is once again in pursuit of the Ten Most Successful Young Social Entrepreneurs in Turkey for the 6th year running.

The deadline for the Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards in 30 SEPTEMBER