Vocational School of Justice *

about vocational school

İstanbul Bilgi University has adopted an innovative and dynamic approach to teaching law and justice ever since the establishment of the Faculty of Law in 1997. Following the opening of LLM Programs in 2001, in 2010-2011 academic year İstanbul Bilgi University also opened a Vocational School of Justice. With that, we are proud to be among pioneering private universities with Vocational School of Justice, which will further to our contributions towards improvement and innovation in justice services in the country.

Witnessing rapid globalization process, we are very well aware that areas of law and justice will not be an exception to this trend. In these fields too there is visible increase in demand for professionals who are knowledgeable about local and international justice practices, who can speak foreign languages, who are aware of the latest developments in the field, and who are comfortable with latest technologies used in practice. Here we aim to provide education that will prepare our graduates to be high performance professionals, who adapt fast and can work in most prestigious law firms, private sector, as well as within justice bureaucracy.

*Vocational School of Justice will not accept students as of the 2024-2025 Academic Year.