Faculty Member, PhD

Doruk Şen

Journal Articles (SCI-E/ SSCI)

Sen, D., Hamurcuoglu, K. I., Ersoy, M. Z., Tunç, K. M., & Günay, M. E. (2023). Forecasting long-term world annual natural gas production by machine learning. Resources Policy80, 103224

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Şen, D., Dönmez, C. Ç., & Yıldırım, U. M. (2020). A hybrid bi-level metaheuristic for credit scoring. Information Systems Frontiers22(5), 1009-1019.

Sen, D., Günay, M. E., & Tunç, K. M. (2019). Forecasting annual natural gas consumption using socio-economic indicators for making future policies. Energy173, 1106-1118.

Journal Articles (Other Peer Reviewed)

Sen, D., Bingol, S., & Vayvay, O. (2017). Strategic enterprise management for innovative companies: The last decade of the balanced scorecard. International Journal of Asian Social Science7(1), 97-109.

Sen, D., Tunc, M., & Ozilhan, T. (2013). Investment analysis of a new solar Power Plant. International Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy2(6), 229-241.

Conference Proceedings

Ilba, N.Y., Bas, B., Eroglu, I., Tomurcuk, A., Cakici, H., & Sen D. (2022). Determining Risk Levels for Musical Instruments using Machine Learning and Metaheuristic Algorithms. 41st National Congress of OR and IE, Denizli, Turkey.

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