Gonca Günay

+90 212 311 7661



BA, Business Administration, Bilkent University, 1996
MBA, Koç University, 1998
PhD in Business Administration, Dokuz Eylül University, 2004 


BUS 532 Strategy, since Fall 2015-2016 

HRM 501 Work and Work Behavior, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 

Rewards and Achievements

Best speaker award, The Global Management, Finance & Information Technology Research Conference, 2011.
Fulbright Fellow, 2010.
Best paper award, III. Uluslararası Stratejik Yönetim Konferansı, 2007.
Vehbi Koç Foundation Scholar, 1996-1998.
İhsan Doğramacı Foundation Scholar, 1992-1996.
Tübitak Math Contest award, 1989.

Other Information

Selected Publications:

  • Gupta, V.K., Goktan, A.B. & Gunay, G. (2014). Gender differences in evaluation of new business opportunity: A stereotype threat perspective. Journal of Business Venturing, 29(2), 273-288. 
  • Celikdemir, D.Z.; Gunay, G.; Katrinli, A. & Alpbaz, S.P. (2017). Defining sustainable universities following public opinion formation process. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 18(3), 294-306.
  • Uygur, D., Kahraman, E.B. & Gunay, G. (2017). Empowering Women through Social Entrepreneurship with Innovative Business Models: Cases from Turkey. In Garcia, M.C.D.,  Brush, C., Gatewood, E.J. &  Welter, F. (Eds.) Women’s Entrepreneurship in Global and Local Contexts (pp. 164-182). Edward Elgar. 
  • Uygur, D., Kahraman, E.B. & Gunay, G. (2015). Female Social Entrepreneurship in Turkey. In V. Ramadani, S. Gërguri-Rashiti & A. Fayolle (Eds.) Female Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies (pp.225-245). Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Katrinli, A., Atabay, G., Gunay, G. & Cangarli, B.G. (2010). Nurses' perceptions of individual and organizational political reasons for horizontal peer bullying. Nursing Ethics, 17(5), 614-627.
  • Katrinli, A., Atabay, G., Gunay, G. & Guneri, B. (2009). Exploring the antecedents of organizational identification: The role of job dimensions, individual characteristics, and job involvement. Journal of Nursing Management, 17(1), 66-73. 
  • Katrinli, A., Atabay, G., Gunay, G. & Guneri, B. (2008). Leader member exchange, organizational identification and the mediating role of job involvement for nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 64(4), 354-362.