İpek Tan Çelebi

+90 212 311 7543

Santralistanbul / E4 212


PhD in History, Boğaziçi University (2008) MA in Cultural Studies, İstanbul Bilgi University (2006) BA in Political Science and Public Administration, Middle East Technical University (1997)

1-Key areas of study:

Consumer Culture, visual culture and advertising, advertising history, urban consumption practices cultural studies.

2.Academic work

•  Tan Celebi, I. (2013). “Social distinctions in urban consumption practices: Case study of a shopping mall in Turkey”, Eighth International Conference on the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences Prague, Czech Republic •    Tan Celebi, I. (2006). “Cultural identity encounters through food culture practices”, Food and history: Health, culture, tourism and identity Conference University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. •    Tan Celebi, I. (2006). “Searching for ‘truth’ in wine: Wine culture as a lifestyle in Turkey”, Association for Cultural Studies, Crossroads Conference at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey.