Faculty Member, PhD

İrem Otay

+90 212 311 7986

Santralistanbul / E3 219


  • 2018-19, Postdoctoral Research, College of Engineering, University of California Davis (UC Davis)
  • 2015, PhD., Management Engineering, İstanbul Technical University
  • 2009, MBA, Bahçeşehir University
  • 2006, BS., Industrial Engineering, Yildiz Technical University


  • IE343 Quality Control and Management
  • IE483 Inventory Management and Control
  • IE100 Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  • IE352 System Thinking

Areas of Interest

  • Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • Fuzzy Multi-Objective Mathematical Programming 
  • Supply Chain, Reverse Logistics 
  • Humanitarian Logistics

Rewards and Achievements

Best Paper Award:

Cevik Onar, S., Oztayşi, B., Kahraman, C., Otay, I. "Engineering economic analysis of solar energy investments using Spherical fuzzy sets", The 14th International FLINS Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, August 18-21, 2020 Cologne-Germany.

Other Information

Funded Research Projects:

09.2015-03.2017 - An Integrated System Design for Improving Reverse Logistics Processes of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Funded by TUBITAK 1005 National New Ideas and Products Research Support Program, Researcher.

01.2018-12.2019- Fostering the Use of Zero and Near Zero Emission Vehicles in Freight Operations, Funded by the U.S. DOT and the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST), Senior Researcher.

Organizing Committee Member:

  • The 4th Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (INFUS) Conference, Istanbul Technical University, 19th-21st July 2022
  • The 3rd Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (INFUS) Conference, Istanbul Technical University, 24th-26th August, 2021
  • The 2nd Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems (INFUS) Conference, Istanbul Technical University, 21st-23 rd July , 2020
  • The 16th Symposium on Production Research, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management, Istanbul, 12th -14th October, 2016.
  • The 1st Project Management Conference with International Participation (UKPYK), Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management, Istanbul, 19th - 20th September, 2014.

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