Faculty Member, PhD

Yeşim Öniz

+90 212 311 7478

Santralistanbul / E3-216

Academic Background

  • 2014, PhD., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University
  • 2007, MS., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University
  • 2004, BS., Mechatronics Engineering, Sabanci University


Academic Appointments

  • 2014-present, Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Mechatronics Engineering
  • 2007-2014, Teaching Assistant, Bogazici University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
  • 2008-2015, Instructor, FESTO-Boğaziçi University Mechatronics Specialist Certification Program
  • 2009-2012, Instructor, FESTO Mechatronics Summer School


Research Interests

  • Neural Networks
  • Soft Computing
  • Variable Structure Systems
  • Intelligent Control



  • MECA 100 Introduction to Mechatronics, Fall 15
  • EEEN 201 Electrical and Electronic Circuits I, Fall 15
  • EEEN 202 Electrical and Electronic Circuits II, Spring 14
  • EEEN 222 Digital Systems Design, Spring 14


Selected Publications

  1. Control of a Direct Drive Robot Using Fuzzy Spiking Neural Networks with Variable Structure Systems-Based Learning Algorithm. Y. Oniz, O. Kaynak. Neurocomputing. 2015;149:690-699.
  2. Variable-Structure-Systems Based Approach for Online Learning of Spiking Neural Networks and its Experimental Evaluation. Y. Oniz, O. Kaynak. Journal of The Franklin Institute. 2014;351:3269-3285.
  3. A Servo System Control with Time-varying and Nonlinear Load Conditions Using Type-2 TSK Fuzzy Neural System. E. Kayacan, Y. Oniz, A. C. Aras, O. Kaynak, and R. Abiyev. Applied Soft Computing. 2011;11(8):5735-5744.
  4. Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Antilock Braking System Using Sliding Mode Incremental Learning Algorithm. A.V. Topalov,Y. Oniz, E. Kayacan and O. Kaynak. Neurocomputing. 2011;74:1883-1893.
  5. A Grey System Modeling Approach For Sliding-Mode Control of Antilock Braking System. E. Kayacan, Y. Oniz and O. Kaynak. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. 2009;56(8):3244-3252.
  6. A Dynamic Method to Forecast the Wheel Slip for Antilock Braking System and Its Experimental Evaluation. Y. Oniz, E. Kayacan and O. Kaynak. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part B-Cybernetics. 2009;39(2):551-560.