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Events that are supposed to be held tomorrow as part of BİLGİTalent Fest have been cancelled as per the announcement by Council of Higher Education about “Measures to be Taken in Higher Education Institutions against Coronavirus (Covid-19)”.

BİLGİ Talent Fest 2020, the most wide-ranging private sector event organized by İstanbul Bilgi University Global Talent Management Center (BİLGİTalent), brings together the leading firms of the sector, BİLGİ students and alumni.

BİLGİ Talent Fest 2020 which include future jobs of the transforming business world, 21st century skills to succeed in the working life, keynote speeches on the culture of future workspace welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students and alumni, regardless of the department and year (*).


  • Networking opportunities
  • Meeting business world professionals
  • Sectoral panels
  • Inspiring talks on the future of work
  • One-to-one CV consultancy from the experts


*This event is open to students/alumni of İstanbul Bilgi University and other universities.

*Admission is free.


Date: 10-11-12 March 2020 Place: santralistanbul Campus, ÇSM-Study Hall