ERASMUS and BILATERAL EXCHANGE and SWISS MOBLITY Application Extension Announcement

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Dear students,

The application period for 2022 -2023 academic year's Erasmus+ Europe Study, Erasmus+ Europe World, Swiss Mobility and Bilateral Exchange programs have been extended until 24.02.2022 17:00 pm.

Please make sure that you upload the mandatory documents mentioned in the application announcements, then sign the application form the system will create and send it to the related offices via or Also for Erasmus students, please upload your Erasmus application to the ERA page to the Application form section as well. You may not consider the "Pending Approval" or wait for any approval email response. All applications uploaded and sent by email will be evaluated.

Erasmus Study and Internship: 

Bilateral Exchange and Swiss: 

- Please make sure that your language score document shows your score out of 100 of language.

- You may download your course status document on your SIS page by clicking "printer friendly" and download as PDF

- You may download your transcript/student profile document on your SIS page by clicking "printer friendly" and download as PDF

Students who face any struggles due to the ERA system, please provide a screenshot to the related office via or and all students will be supported.

We wish you good luck!

Istanbul Bilgi University - International Relations Office