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Departmental Student Representative By-Elections

Departmental Student Representative By-Elections


For the departments for which there were no candidates or where the positions became vacant in the elections held for 2021-2022 Academic Year in İstanbul Bilgi University,Departmental Student Representative By-Elections will be held on November 8-9-10, 2022.

Students who meet the candidacy terms specified below can apply for the elections that will be held for the relevant departments of the faculties and vocational schools that are indicated in the chart below.

Our students who will become a candidate for Departmental Student Representative by-elections are required to send their applications to aday2022@bilgi.edu.tr between October 3-16, 2022. Candidates should fill out the Application Form, Publicity Campaign Rules, and Candidate Presentation Document that can be found below.


Terms of Application:

  • Being a registered student in an associate degree or undergraduate program of the relevant department; being at least a second-year student, and benefiting from student rights within the scope of İstanbul Bilgi University Credit System Undergraduate and Associate Degree Education and Examination
  • Special students, students registered in the University within the framework of exchange programs, and equivalence recognition students cannot become a candidate in the elections. Students registered in minor programs cannot run for the student representative position for the department where they are enrolled in the minor program; double-major students or students registered in more than one department can become a candidate to represent only one department
  • Not exceeding the normal period of study
  • The students should not be on leave or freeze his/her registration during the semester when the election is held.
  • The student must not have a criminal record for committing any disgraceful offense.
  • The student must not have received any disciplinary punishment other than a warning.
  • Having a GPA of 2.75 in terms of academic achievement
  • The student should not be a member or at the service of any political parties.
  • The student must have no affiliation or connection or contact with terrorist organizations.
  • In case there are no eligible candidates, departmental student representative by-elections do not take place and the position remains vacant until the next by-election or ordinary election.

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