4 projects of BİLGİ Department of Energy Systems Engineering students received TÜBİTAK grant

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4 projects that BİLGİ Department of Energy Systems Engineering students developed under the supervision of Res. Asst. Zafer Yavuz Aksöz were entitled to be supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK 2209-A Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students.

Department students Sevra Dilan Tat and Salih Batur’s project titled ‘Design and Experiment of an Electrical Cargo Vehicle with 2 Axis Solar Tracking System on İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul Campus’ aims to provide a more sustainable transportation option by increasing the energy efficiency of electric cargo vehicles. The project offers a comprehensive approach that combines elements such as photovoltaic solar system, electric motor performance, energy store and management, data analysis, and performance evaluation.

Erdem Teoman Tosçu’s project ‘Novel Air Duct Design, Experiment and CFD Analysis for Improving Data Center Cooling Performance’ aims to increase energy efficiency and ensure stable and reliable operation of servers by optimizing the air flow of cooling systems of data centers with a new air duct design.

Kais Omar Khalaf will design a 3D printer that will enable the pre-production of molds that will allow concrete to be laid in different designs and strengths both in the construction sites and in the factory environments in his project titled ‘Design and Manufacture of 3-Axis Wall Formwork Printing Machine’. The project aims to develop a 3D printer that can work 24/7 and can produce different designs quickly and with high precision, and to produce and test its prototype.

Muhammed Ömer Durmuş's project ‘The Design of Automatic Breaking System with Depth and Object Detection Capabilities Using Machine Learning’ aims to develop an innovative braking system that combines depth detection and object recognition methods using advanced image processing techniques.