REFLEKTİF Journal of Social Sciences is entitled to be indexed by TR Index

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REFLEKTIF Journal of Social Sciences, which is published by our university, has been entitled to be indexed by TR Index carried out by TÜBİTAK ULAKBIM as of 2023.

REFLEKTIF, which started its publishing life in October 2020 as an interdisciplinary, critical, and qualified social science journal, has hosted 127 articles and more than 200 authors in its 10 issues published so far with the aim of creating an environment where academic research and studies are freely shared with the public.

Developed by ULAKBIM in line with international standards in order to provide researchers with electronic access to national and scientific content, TR Index functions as a bibliographic database containing articles in the fields of science and social sciences and provides access to the full texts of journal articles in the index.

You can access all issues of REFLEKTIF, which aims to present scientific knowledge accessible to everyone with an open science perspective, on its website.