2014-2015 Academic Year Spring Term Exchange Programs Second Call for Applications

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2014 – 2015 Akademik Yılı Bahar Dönemi (2015) Exchange Programs Second Call Period

Students of Bilgi University can apply for Erasmus and Bilateral Exchange Programs in 2014 – 2015 Academic Year Spring Semester between 12th May – 16th June 2014 under circumstances and as it is announced on wen page of the International Center.

We kindly remind that the Students who will apply in the second call can be placed only for Spring Semester 2015.

This call for application only includes Bilateral Exchange, Erasmus Student Mobility and Erasmus Internship Mobility Programs. It is compulsory to take the English Language Proficiency Exam, which will be held between 23rd-25th June 2014, for the Students with accepted application. Exam place and time will be announced to applicants.

Regarding the Students that will apply for Erasmus Internship Program and will realize mobility this summer; if they are currently abroad through Erasmus and/or Bilateral and/or South Korea Summer School and if they are placed to a partner university for 2014 – 2015 Academic Year, then they do not have to take to English Language Proficiency Exam again. 

The Students, who applied in the first call for 2014 – 2015 Academic Year Exchange Programs and could not succeed English Language Proficiency Exam or did not take the exam with an accepted excuse, do not have to apply again in the second call. Those Students, must submit their petition to our Office stating their request to take the second exam no later than 13th June 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While determining about the deadline for application for second call, not the last day of re-sit exams but the announcement date of the final exams is based upon regarding the factors such as nomination deadlines of partner universities, application deadlines to partner universities, our academic calendar, English Language Exam date as it is announed in November 2013. Therefore, our Students aiming at reaching 2,20 CGPA after re-site exams, which is the first condition for application, cannnot apply in this application period. Apart from that, applications of all applicants will be pre-conditionally accepted and they will re-submit their student profiles to our Office after re-sit exams. Applications of Students, whose CGPA is under 2,20 after re-site exams, will be invalid and automatically cancelled as they cannot provide required CGPA even if they succeed in English Language Proficiency Exam.

We hereby declare as a warning that taking the English Language Proficiency Exam is compulsory for all applicants and excuses for not taking the exam will not be accepted, including force majeure.

It is the responsibility of the student to read and be informed about “Application guidelines” and “University Selection Guide” on our online application page. The applications that are incomplete, wrong and/or late, despite the information on those guielines, will be automatically cancelled.

Quotas of some partner universities are partially or completely full as a result of first call placements. Therefore, the Students in the second call cannot be placed to those universities even if they selected. The universities with open and sufficient quotas can be found on the application web page by 12th May.