South Korea Summer School Results

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Due to the limitations on student quotas, only two students were able to be nominated to Hanyang University for the South Korea Summer School Program in 2017 summer.  

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South Korea Summer School 


Hanyang University 


Hanyang University 

We congratulate this year’s nominees and advise them to read the below items carefully for the further procedures:

  • This is a tuition-free program. Students do not pay any tuition to the host institution but they are liable to pay student fees at the host institutions, visa, travel, accommodation and living expenses.  
  • Before we nominate your name to the host university, make 100% sure that you will be participating the program. Please inform us by email that you are accepting the nomination by March 3rd Friday
  • If you do not reply by email, we will consider your answer as "no" so you won’t be participating the programs although you are qualified. Your place will be given to the next qualified applicant. 
  • This program can be canceled due to visa rejection, death in the immediate family, sickness with a medical report.    
  • We kindly inform you that this placement is not official until your application to the host university is accepted.
  • Host University has the right to accept or reject your application. 

As a next step, we will be nominating your name to the host institutions and you will be receiving the application package. 

For students who still would like to participate in the  South Korea Summer School Program can explore paid program options that can be found in this link.

We hope that you will take this opportunity and participate the programs. We wish good luck with your studies. 


Bilateral Programs Office