Decathlon Vision 2020 meeting was held

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Decathlon Vision 2030 meeting was held in İstanbul Bilgi University santralistanbul campus on 15-16 January. Işık Doğa Akdemir, Bekir Uzun, Yusuf Bekerecioğlu, Kerem Serbes and Valeri Bahar, the students from Sports Management Departments, attended the meeting. Students of the Department of Sports Management have discovered these three themes, supported by sustainability and digital connectivity, which are part of the vision 2030 process: the Future of the People, the Future of the Sportspeople and the Future of Living and What will the world be in 2030? In this collaborative event, where answers to questions such as “Which role do you want to play in the world we live in?” and “What will be the world in 2030?” were sought,  also aimed to help a child’s dream come true through the Make a Wish Association.