BİLGİ E-mail System Infrastructure Change

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Dear BİLGİ members,

Please kindly note that infrastructural changes will be carried out in the BİLGİ e-mail system.

As part of the changes, DeploymentPro, the application to update the current e-mail settings, is started to be installed on your computers.

E-mail data will be transferred to the new infrastructure on February 12, Wednesday, after 22:00. For that reason, there might be interruptions in the e-mail communication from time to time until February 13, 08:00.

When you start your computers on February 13, Thursday morning, you should log in DeploymentPro, which will automatically start in 15 minutes, with your username and password. Once you log in the application, your e-mail settings will be updated and Outlook will automatically be started by the application.

Note: Settings can only be made manually on mobile devices and MAC-OS computers. For further information to apply settings manually, please click here.

For your questions and support requests, please send an e-mail to or call 6666.

Planned Working Date: 12 February 2020, 22:00