Midterm Exams (Undergraduate)

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The schedules for 2019-20 Spring Semester Midterm Examinations are as follows:

Click here for the schedules of 2019-2020 Academic Year Spring Semester Midterm Examinations. Exams that are supposed to be held after April 24 have been included into the schedule.

We would like to kindly remind you following additional remarks regarding midterm examinations

  • Instead of physical exams to identify your year-end success grade, your instructors can make exams online or use assessment methods adaptable with distance education process such as take-home assignment, report writing, data analysis or presentation.
  • The measurement method which will be used for each course will be announced on BİLGİ Learn system.
  • It is highly important to follow up your instructors’ notifications on BİLGİ Learn regarding exam types dates and time.