Announcement about student clubs

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Dear Club President,


We kindly request you to send your charter and annual plan for 2020-2021 Academic Year to until the end of office hours, June 15, 2020.  Your applications will be reviewed and decided by the Clubs Board and the results will be announced you by e-mail.


You can contact the Student Support Center Club coordinators at the following e-mail addresses for any subject you need help.


Deniz Oralkan       

Kadir Yurtagülen  

Utkuer Yaşar         



It is important for your applications to fulfill the requirements given in the Notes section.


Best regards,


Student Support Center

Clubs Coordination Office





  • The forms will only be accepted by e-mail, not delivered by hand.
  • The forms should be filled completely and the format should be intact. The club logo and purpose must be included in the forms. Handwritten forms are not accepted. Forms need to be filled in and delivered in Word file format.
  • Only '' e-mails should be written in the forms. Other e-mail addresses are not accepted. 
  • The GPA of the club president must be 2.00 and above. Applications under 2.00 will definitely not be accepted.


This e-mail has been sent to the presidents of both current and new clubs that are likely to be established.