Gastronomy and culinary arts are undergoing rapid professionalization both in Turkey and the world. At the same time, gastronomy is not just a profession but also a form of art. Gastronomy experts do not only offer tasty dishes to people, they also offer a good time and an enjoyable experience.

BİLGİ Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts aims to train globally competitive young chefs equipped with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, accompanied by a strong world knowledge.

The department offers its students a wide range of international opportunities, thanks to the fact that İstanbul Bilgi University is a member of the world’s largest university network. Erasmus programs and international summer schools help students meet people both from their own field of study as well as from other disciplines and cultures. Being a part of such international networks seems to have paid off: BİLGİ Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students were recently awarded the gold prize at two Laurate Culinary Cups, one held in Panama in 2016 and the other held in Chile in 2018.

Gastronomy and culinary arts education at BİLGİ takes hands-on training to the next level by encouraging students to present their work with different perspectives, and perceive of their profession as a form of art. A good case in point was the 2017 exhibition “From Painting to Plate: The Three Senses”, where students prepared dishes inspired by famous paintings and musical compositions, thus breathing new life into the exhibition and other events at İstanbul Bilgi University.

Applied training is backed by professional training and certificate programs that support different aspects of the students’ future career. Students can obtain certificates in the emerging field of restaurant management systems, barista services (internationally recognized), and sushi preparation.

In 2018, the department undertook an important social responsibility project, a field to which İstanbul Bilgi University has been committed since its inception: A “Gastronomy Workshop for Enthusiastic Cooks” was held at the Gastronomy Kitchen, as part of the World Down Syndrome Day events organized by Eyüpsultan Municipality.

Apart from being an academic institution, BİLGİ Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department also represents a unique culture with its students and faculty members. Students and graduates successfully promote this culture both at the institutions they work, and at international platforms.

* Students to enroll in the Undergraduate Program in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts must pay a tuition, and also buy a uniform and a knife set at the beginning of their first year. The company designated by the university for this purpose adjusts its prices annually.