Management Information Systems

about program

Management Information Systems today connects individuals and corporations and is ever-present in all aspects of life.  The Management Information Systems undergraduate program was founded to educate students in the fields of communication and information technology.  Both theoretical and applied education is given in the fields of business management and computer science.  Students are given the analytical, technical, managerial, communicational, and professional knowledge and skills in order to become Management Information Systems specialists and system analysts.  The creativity, analytic methods, sense of focus and priority along with the punctuality and predisposition to teamwork that the program instills in all of its students are qualities that are needed in every trade and sector.  Our graduates can work in the fields of e-business, e-trade, and mobile trade if they so desire.  By working independently or as a team, they can create technology strategies and system solutions that are appropriate to the needs of companies and managers.  Students receive many job opportunities for their professional and academic careers and can find work in almost any sector both nationally and internationally.