About the Program

In parallel with the development of financial markets, the products and services offered by commercial banking have changed and become more complex. Accordingly, the program covers not only finance theory but also banking practices, risk management, derivative financial instruments, operational procedures, legislation and strategic management. The program also includes professionals who have been or are currently working as senior managers in the banking sector.

Why choose BİLGİ Banking and Finance Master's Program?

  • The experience, strength and know-how of Türkiye's first online e-MBA program is in the e-BAN program.
  • Our academic staff consists of academically prominent names and senior executives and experts of the sector for the practical aspects of the program.
  • It provides the opportunity to specialize in different areas by expanding the program’s pool of elective courses with the opportunities of BİLGİ FINANCE programs.
  • It gives students the opportunity to participate in the Banking and Finance Master's Program ‘s curriculum through online methods without requiring them to attend the campus.

BİLGİ e-BAN is for you

  • If you live outside Istanbul,
  • If you have busy working hours,
  • If you have busy travel schedule,
  • If you have trouble keeping to class hours even if you work in Istanbul

For more detailed information about our University, you can fill out the form or contact Graduate Admissions Office (graduate@bilgi.edu.tr / 0212 311 7667)