Accounting and Tax Applications

about program

Even the small-scale industries operating in the commercial life need to perform tax transactions for their various commercial activities and to account for these transactions.

In the traditional structure, while these transactions are generally carried out by external sources, in today’s competitive environments where business processes need to be managed more efficiently and productively, businesses carry out these transactions through the departments that they form within their structure.

The increase in the number of transactions and the expansion of their content and the fact that transactions are now carried out by information communication-based devices in the context of new economics increase the demand for qualified labor force in this field.

The goal of Accounting and Tax Applications program is to record the transactions taking place in businesses, which can be expressed in monetary form, and ensure that the results of these transactions are identified and interpreted.

The graduates of the program work in the offices of Independent Accountants, Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors and Certified Public Accountants. Besides, they can also work as accounting personnel in banks, insurance companies, and tourism, construction and industrial businesses.

Our graduates also have the right to complete their undergraduate education in relevant fields by taking the External Transfer Exam.

*The language of education is Turkish.