Architectural Restoration Evening Education

about program

Architectural Restoration Program is a two-year associate degree program aiming to raise restorateur technicians who conserve the movable and immovable cultural heritage against all types of unfavorable factors in our country, which has a history of civilizations dating back to thousands of years, without changing their structural and visual features, who stops the wearing down process without initiating repairs or completion, and who ensures the repair of the ruined parts in compliance with scientific principles.

Within the scope of the theoretical and applied education offered in the department, students learn the concept of conservation, the basic principles and methods regarding restoration and conservation, how to take building surveys of traditional structures and constructional components, analyzing them, assessing the current situation and drawing up the restoration and restitution projects, acquiring fundamental knowledge about traditional handicrafts, taking inventory of historical artifacts and learning methods to include photography in their surveys. They also acquire the theoretical knowledge and skills required to work in restoration laboratories.

The graduates of the program can continue four-year undergraduate education by transferring to universities’ Architecture, Interior Architecture, Repairs of Old Tiles, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Teaching, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts departments by taking the External Transfer Exam.

*The language of education is Turkish.