Construction Technology

about program

Since construction sector increases the volume of business in many sectors including itself, it is described as a locomotive sector in every economy. Therefore, construction sector plays an effective role in economic growth, export, employment, and in many micro-sized economic magnitude.

Construction Technology Program aims to raise graduates who are knowledgeable about construction to answer the needs and developments of the sector, who can carry out the maintenance and repair works of construction machinery and equipment, who can implement the construction regulations and statute, who can check the quality and perform control in construction laboratories.

Our graduates, who will play an active role in construction sector where the employment structure is continuous and sustainable, can work in the construction of residents, factories, shopping malls; the construction of roads, dams, airports, ports, water delivery channels, sports facilities; in the inspection units of government offices, local governments; in private control units, in all the construction offices and project offices of official or private institutions.

Besides, our graduates are entitled to complete their undergraduate education in relevant fields by taking the External Transfer Exam.

*The language of education is Turkish.