In today’s world in which technology is at ad advanced level and occupies a central place in international communication, what is of prime importance is to generate ideas, convey one’s message to the society with visuals, and provide solutions.

It becomes important to raise graphic designers who present universal knowledge within a system and provides solutions to the problem at hand with a design. The aim is therefore to raise practitioners who can implement and interpret design rules, who can work in different cultural environments, who can be managers, who are equipped with national and international graphic design knowledge. 

Students who graduate from this department receive the titles of Graphic Designer, Art Director, Web Designer. 

Students graduating from this program, which has a very large working area, can work in the advertising and promotion fields of public and private institutions. They can also work as part of or independently within advertising agencies, printing houses, photography studios, and web design agencies. 

Our graduates are also entitled to complete their undergraduate education by taking the External Transfer Exam. 

*The language of education is Turkish.