Our country is surrounded by four seas on three sides and sea links with many countries due to Turkey's foreign trade in both exports and imports more than half-axis is carried out by maritime transport.

Our country's maritime fleet is constantly renewed and wide, besides this many foreign-flagged vessels are operating in our country. In this context, business process optimization and sustainable competitiveness in the provision of education in this field have completed the recruitment of qualified personnel is of great importance.

Graduates "Maritime Transportation and Management Technician" is the title and maritime businesses can operate in parts of the business and besides they can be an alumni of Port Officer, Broker, Leasing Officer, Operations Officer, ACENTEC, Marinas responsible for tasks such as working in business or can be employed in the relevant unit of UMA.

DGS exam can be done with the passage of four-year programs in Business, Logistics Management, International Business, Maritime Administration and Management, Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering, Maritime Business Administration, Deck is located.

The language of the instruction is Turkish.

* No new students will be accepted to this program.