Burak Özçetin

+90 212 311 7277

Santralistanbul / E4-108

Graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of International Relations in 2001, Özçetin received his master’s degree from Department of Political Science (METU) in 2005. As Fulbright Scholar, he visited The New School for Social Research Political Science Department between 2006 and 2007. Özçetin received his PhD degree in political science from METU in 2011. He worked at METU, Akdeniz University, and Kadir Has University respectively. In 2018 joined Bilgi University Department of Media. 

Özçetin took part in several national and international research projects. Most recently he supervised a nationwide audience study titled Television Viewing Among Conservatives: Identity, Popular Taste, and Boundaries (funded by TUBITAK). Currently he is working on book on the history of populism in Turkey, with a specific focus on the media and popular culture. His book Mass Communication Theories: Concepts, Schools, Models (in Turkish) is published in 2018. 


Areas of Interest

Communication theories, sociology of communication, media consumption, political and social theory, cultural studies, political communication, political and cultural life in Turkey