Faculty Member, PhD

Cem Tınaz

+90 212 311 7856

Santralistanbul / L3-103B

Cem Tinaz is a faculty member in the Department of Sports Management at İstanbul Bilgi University and a board member of the Turkish Tennis Federation. He authored “Globalizing a Brand through Sport Sponsorships: The Case of Turkish Airlines and Its Sport Marketing Efforts,” Routledge Handbook of International Sport Business (2018); “End of the Road: Why the Istanbul F1 Grand Prix came to a Screeching Halt” with D. M. Turco and J. Santomier, in International Cases in the Business of Sport (Routledge 2017); and “Sport Policy in Turkey,” with D. M. Turco and P. Salisbury, in International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics (2014). He was awarded a 2016/2017 Advanced Olympic Research Grant by the IOC Olympic Studies Centre, for the project “Examining Positive Outcomes of Unsuccessful Olympic Bids.”

He has participated in international sports events as tournament coordinator, director or marketing manager, including ATP Istanbul Challenger 2010-2017, WTA Championships 2012 and 2013, Mediterranean Games 2013, Izmir Cup ATP Challenger 2010 - 2012, WTA Istanbul Cup 2010, ATP Blackrock Tour of Champions 2008. He is a regular writer at "Tennis World" Turkey's most popular tennis magazine since 2011 and Men's Fitness Magazine since 2013.