Assoc. Prof.

Emre Altürk

+90 212 311 7557

Santralistanbul / 6 NO'LU BİNA 605

Emre Altürk is an architect and academic based in Istanbul, mostly interested in implications of urban processes for architecture, arts, and life.


[2009] PhD in Architecture, TU Delft (Netherlands).Thesis: Drawing Architecture Theory on the City, Advisors: L. van Duin, F. Claessens, Jury: J. Ockman, B. Colenbrander, M. Riedijk, A. Graafland, F. Bollerey


[2004] Master of Architecture, METU, 2004, high honor degree. Thesis: XXL, Metropolis as the Object of Architecture, Advisor: A. Savaş, Jury: H. Pamir, İ. Tekeli, G.A. Sargın, N.G. Erkal.


[2001] Bachelor of Architecture, METU, 2001, honor degree.