Assoc. Prof.

Emre Altürk

+90 212 311 7557

Santralistanbul / 6 NO'LU BİNA 605

Emrah Altınok [1980] is an artist, author and academician working as an Asst. Prof. at Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Architecture. He received his PhD in January 2012 from Yildiz Technical University, for a thesis entitled "The Political Economy of Reorganization of Urban Space and Interventions on Urban Land Tenure, the Case of Istanbul & Mass Housing Administration of Turkey (TOKI) in Post-2000 Era". His research areas are critical urban theory, methodology and history of capitalism. 

As a fine-art photographer, he has been featured in several of worldwide magazines including and has staged numerous exhibitions. His latest work was exhibited in MAXXI [Museum of 21th Century Arts, Rome-Italy] in December 2015 as part of the exhibition "İstanbul: Passion, Joy, Fury" biscurated by Hou Hanru with a team of international curators. 

Beside photography, he has three books of poetry published and three poetry awards. He attended MQ Quartier21 Artists-in-Residence Program in Vienna, in the summer of 2013, as the guest of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. During his stay, he wrote a short story 'A truth in Karlsplatz' which is published in German ['Eine Wahrheit am Karlsplatz', translated by Sara Heigl] within the book 'Aus allen Richtungen: Karlsplatzierungen' [Ed: Elena Messner, Eva Schörkhuber] by 'Sonderzahl' in 2014.