Faculty Member, PhD

İdil Üçer Karababa

+90 212 311 7645

Santralistanbul / 6 NO'LU BİNA 601


Ph.D., December 2008, Department of History of Art, BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, USA

“Function and Architecture of the Principal Residences of the Tetrarchy: An Assessment of Their Capitalness” 

M.A., May 2002 , Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, USA

“A Historical, Social and Cultural Framework for the Conversion of Byzantine Churches into Mosques in Ottoman Istanbul”

M.A. July 1998, Department of History of Architecture, MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY

“Reconciliation of Authority and the Subjects: Institutionalization of the Imperial Cult and Evolution of its Architecture in Asia Minor” 

B.Arch. July 1995 , Department of Architecture, MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY


 IND 101-102 Basic Design I-II

IND 179-180 Introduction to Design I-II

Arch 241 History of Architecture I 

ARCH 330 Excursion to Historical Cities: Rome

ARCH 324 Reading Classical Architecture and the City

IND 221-222 History of Interior Design I-II

Areas of Interest

Classical Greek and Roman history, culture, art and architecture

Ornament and digital design and manufacturing technologies  

History of architecture education - historiography and methodologies

Basic Design education 

Rewards and Achievements

Professor Dr. Mustafa Parlar Education and Research Endowment, Thesis of the Year Award 

Received in the academic year of 1998-1999 as a result of the M.A. thesis written in the Department of History of Architecture, METU, Ankara, Turkey, under the supervision of Professor Suna Güven.