Faculty Member, PhD

Ryan Macey Wise

+90 212 311 7618

Santralistanbul / E2 205

2000, BA, University of Oregon 

2002, MS, Syracuse University 

2007, Ph.D., Syracuse University 


Born in Luray, a small town in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley (USA), my childhood was spent in California and Oregon. As an undergraduate student, I studied Russian in Moscow, Russia, for one year, before graduating at the top of my class. After receiving my BA from the University of Oregon,  I received a full academic scholarship to attend Syracuse University (NY), where I earned an MS and Ph.D. and participated in the Future Professoriate Program. This program helps prepare future academics to teach at the undergraduate level. As a graduate student, I worked as a research/teaching assistant and taught undergraduate courses in family development and gerontology. Following this, I taught at the State University of New York--Oswego, for three years in the Department of Psychology. My master's thesis examined young adult attitudes toward aging, while my dissertation focused on the role of grandparents in grandchildren's identity development. 


Upon moving to Istanbul, Turkey, I began a full-time position in the Department of Psychology at Bilgi University. At Bilgi, I primarily teach courses in developmental psychology, including child development (PSY 221), adolescence (PSY 222), and adulthood and aging (PSY 381). Other courses I teach include general psychology (PSY 110), statistics (PSY 213 & 214), experimental methods (PSY 322), and evolutionary psychology (PSY 425), while also supervising the undergraduate thesis course (PSY 491 & 492). Previously, at Syracuse University and SUNY-Oswego, I taught courses in family development, gerontology, and research methods. 

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also serve as the coordinator for the department's international programs, including the Erasmus+ and bilateral programs.

Since 2022, I have served as the vice dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Areas of Interest

My ongoing research explores intergenerational relationships, their relationships with aging attitudes, aging anxiety, and the role of intergenerational contact in promoting prosocial behaviors toward older adults. In a second area of research, I examine coping strategies and how different coping strategies relate to psychological well-being, especially during challenging circumstances, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here is a link to my dissertation research which focused on the role of grandparents in grandchildren's identity development: Dissertation

Here are two links to my more recent research examples that look at intergenerational relationships: Example 1 and  Example 2.

About coping and well-being, here are a couple of links to my recent research: Example 1 and Example 2

Other Information

Outside of school, my passion is cooking and exploring recipes from all regions of the world.